Shipping cost


If you’re located in the MAINLAND UNITED STATES, enjoy FREE shipping. We dispatch orders from our various warehouses in California, US, including the Amazon FBA warehouse.

Shipping time: Expect your order to arrive in 2 to 8 days.

If you’re located OUTSIDE THE MAINLAND U.S, please contact us for an accurate quote (including product price and precise shipping cost). Depending on your location, we may send your order from our factory in Vietnam or another location closer to you. Consequently, the product and shipping costs MAY BE LOWER or HIGHER than those quoted on our website (Prices listed on our website are applicable to mainland US only).

After receiving your exact total cost, proceed to THIS LINK for payment.

Kindly note, the product prices listed on our website for the mainland US market incorporate several costs (production, shipping from Vietnam to the U.S, export taxes and fees, import taxes and fees, marketing, and domestic U.S shipping). Thus, they’re higher than the prices for the same products in the Vietnam market.

If you’re purchasing retail quantities (1 to 10 units), we will use express courier for delivery. Expect your items at your doorstep within 8 days.

For wholesale purchases (>10 units), please contact us for the best pricing and suitable shipping method.

When we refer to “SHIPPING COST,” it signifies the fee you pay to the shipping companies for their services, exclusive of taxes and fees (which differ between countries) imposed by your government, such as customs duties. Usually, the carrier will charge these fees upon delivering your product(s) to you (as they are reimbursing the costs they have paid in advance to the government).


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