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Free standing Pull up bar


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With the core view to stress onimportance of a better body, strength improvement and health, has come up with a number of instruments and methods to help you get closer to your goal. With a view to make exercise an enjoyable part of your everyday routine, we have come up with something fun, new and of course, something to aid your body as well!

We proudly boast of more than 8 years of experience in the industry and take pride in stating that we are as good as it gets! The reason why our customers love us and keep coming back is simple – we maintain quality. We have been striving and still do in order to keep health and exercise on top priority. With our undue determination and dedication, we go the extra mile to help our clients get ahead in their goals. A subsidiary of the world-renowned KT Group, we focus on more than being a ‘brand name’ for our customers.

Although we began with a humble and simple dream, we had strong roots that are still getting usplaces! Our journey commenced in Hanoi, Vietnam and from there we have built up our business and never really looked back! Going ahead, we have faith that we can bring our services to more people all over the world and be seen as someone who truly recognizes the importance of good health, fitness and a good regime.

Our products:

Our prime product is the “free standing pull up bar.” Designed with the motto to help more individuals exercise in the comfort of their homes, this one here has a legacy of seven hard years of manufacturing and selling it successfully.

Here is why you should get it from us:

  1. Known across the world, our brand has managed to keep its reputation constant. Our special and truly unique designs are patented in Vietnam and several other countries that come under the PCT.
  2. To push it a notch higher, we have striven hard to gain the Capital Golden Quality and High-Quality Vietnamese Goods recognitions.
  3. Firm believers in quality, is Quality Management Certified–ISO 9001: 2015
  4. We deliver the best to every client, every order, every time.


Why we are the BEST when it comes to Free Standing Pull up Bars?

Not a firm that focuses on finance, our core objective lies purely in product quality, consistency and working to constantly better our customer service. We hence, believe in “Customer Satisfaction–Our Development.”

To make this experience even more delightful for our clients and follower base, we further ensure that our logistics are also spot-on and worthy of your time and money. We make sure you get exactly what you have paid for, without any compromise on time, quality or efforts.

Another dream for us is to make sure our bars are easy to use, versatile and gentle. To make this perfect for everybody’s use, we have directed our researchers to make sure we inculcate skilled and carefully investigated technology into its making. The final product is thus very simple to use and can be used by just anybody – with no boundaries in age or sex!

Having said that, our Pull up bars are loved by people of all ages – and especially the youth, who are always fascinated by modern and fun exercise equipments. The bars are space-friendly too, meaning they can easily fit into small rooms and homes and are great on portability as well.

What can I use it for?

All people no matter what age can utilize it easily. Teenagers can use it to boost their height while corporate individuals for back strain relief, spinal issues, and stretching exercises. Seniors should use it sparingly after a doctor’s advice.


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free standing pull up bar
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pull up bar
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customer review

  • 7341
    Honored to have my training equipment provided by the world's best portable pull up bar manufacturer, Khanh Trinh. I've tried EVERY pullup bar on the market, manufactured in countries across the globe, and love the Khanh Trinh bar for my daily grind. Unlike doorframe bars, you can get a full hang on this bar with legs extended, even if you're 6 ft tall. See vids of my training here:
    Omari Jinaki
    Chicago, US
  • 7344
    The bar is WONDERFUL
    Pete Verma
    MD 20871, US
  • 7343
    I picked up my free-standing pull-up bar on Saturday, December 24 at UPS (United Parcel Service). I put it together and it works just great. The pull-up bar allows me to do all the exercises i want to do at home without going to the gym. I also get a better workout than with my old pull-up bar that you need to hang from the doorway opening. I then attached some gymnastic rings to the bar and i found i could also perform some ring exercises
    Arthur H.Rubin
    Winchester, Massachusetts, US
  • 7345
    I and my wife use KT folding pull up bar everyday to stretch the spine. We put it in the living room to hang the body up anytime we want. We can fold it easily when not exercising. I feel safe and comfortable when using it. It helps me end the back pain. This CHANGE MY LIFE, make me and my family always healthy and happy. I like KT FOLDING PULL UP BAR VERY MUCH
    Ha Nguyen
    HaNoi, VietNam
  • 7346
    What i've got is exactly the same i expected. It is strong but light. It was easy to setup. First impression is so good as i can recommend your pull up bar to everyone
    Laszlo Fulop