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All models of horizontal bars in full set include some pieces of foam handle grips (foam tubes), which makes pain relief and callosities avoidance for hands of exercisers. However, if you often do horizontal bar exercises, it is easy to be torn. According to our experience, if you practice many times a day, you can use up to 4 pairs of foam tubes each year. If you do not practice regularly, you can use 2 pairs per year

When the foam handle grips have torn, it’s very difficult to find and buy them retail because the inner diameter of the foam tubes must fit the outer diameter of the handle bar. If the inner diameter of foam tube is bigger, it will be rotated around the handle bar when you exercise and make difficulty to hold. In contrast, it’s really difficult to insert the handle bar into the foam tube (you can even tear the foam tube when trying to do that). On the other hand, the thickness and quality of the foam handle grips bought elsewhere may not be as good as our foam tubes(because we specialize in providing horizontal bar and related accessories). If you do not have the spare foam tubes to replace – when they tear, if you order from us, the shipping cost from our company to your country may be very high – even much higher than the price of the foam handle grips. Therefore, when buying horizontal bar, you should consider to buy more the foam tubes for spare purpose (buying along with the horizontal bar).

We have 02 kinds of foam tubes:

  1. Foam tubes for Horizontal bar model KT1.1518 and model KT1.HT:

Dimensions: 23mm (ID) x 7mm (Thickness) x 200mm (length)

Material: first quality NBR foam

Color: Black and Blue

foam tubes for free standing pull up bar

  1. Foam tubes for Horizontal bar model KT1.1520

Dimensions: 28mm (ID) x 7mm (Thickness) x 200mm (length)

Material: first quality NBR foam

Color: Blue



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