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Chin UP Bar The Only Gym You Need

+ HELP TEENAGERS REACH THEIR MAXIMUM HEIGHT. Except for those who are not able to increase their height (Who passed puberty and their bodies have stopped producing new growth cartilage), if you can still continue to grow taller, i recommend that you should do exercises with the chin up bar. Pull up bar exercises are extremely helpful in height increasing, equivalent to swimming and even more effective than basketball. If you exercise hard and properly, even though you passed puberty but still increase height, you can get 3-5 cm per year.

+ PREVENT BACK PAIN AND FATIGUE caused by sitting and bending back for a long time. If you are an office worker who often spends hours sitting in front of a computer, let’s try hanging on a Pull up bar  when you are away from your desk. You will see the amazing effect of pull up bar in fighting back pain, back fatigue for office workers.

chin up bar


+ TREAT SPINAL DISEASES EFFECTIVELY (Spinal diseases are sciatica, herniated disc, spinal degeneration…)

You can check this article for more detail

+ RESULT IN A WELL-SHAPED BODY for exercisers: beautiful figure, slim waist, firm chest … A man who exercises with Pull up bar regularly will have a broad chest, muscular body, 6 pack Abs, etc.. In a gym, a Pull up bar is the comprehensive fitness equipment for people: it helps build the muscles in your chest, abdomen, lat, shoulder, arms, etc.

+ For children, besides increasing height, Pull up bar workout also help them build a well-proportioned body with strong arms and legs. Prevent scoliosis due to a wrong sitting posture. Prevent hunchback posture problem due to wearing a too heavy backpack and bending back at the desk for too long. Prevent back strain, shoulder strain in children due to sitting a lot (learning, playing games, reading books, watching TV ..). Prevent childhood obesity.

+ Like other sports, pull up bar exercises helps BUILD A HEALTHY BODY with a good cardiovascular system, speed up your reflexes, increase your lung capacity, endurance and stamina

Do not think that the Pull up bar equipment is only for men. As a simple and multi-functional sport tool, the chin up bar is beneficial and suitable for all ages and genders. Hanging on the Pull up bar  is good for both women, children and the elderly. Women who do sedentary works (accountants, bank workers, office workers, etc.) or have a calcium deficiency are prone to suffer from spinal degeneration and disc herniation (from the age of 40-60). Therefore, in order to prevent these diseases, you should hanging on the Pull up bar  everyday to train your spine and reduce the vertebrae’s pressure on the discs. Another good effect is that doing Pull up bar exercises everyday makes your waist smaller. It’s not necessary for women to practice vigorous exercises (pulling up) like men. You just need to swing slightly and perform gentle movements on the bar.

Here are some example exercises on KT folding free standing pull up bar to fight your back pain and firm up your waist:

Movement 1: Twisting:

chin up bar

Movement 2: Swinging:

chin up bar

Movement 3: Practice bicycling movements on the bar helps stretch your body and slim down your waist:


riding on pull up bar (chin up bar)

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