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Your Daily Home Gym Workout Fitness Equipment – PULL UP BAR

Pull up bar is the most basic home gym workout fitness equipment that you will find in a gym. It is such a kind of fitness instrument that only consists of a simple bar. But now as technology and innovation have taken over, there are various forms of pull up bars that are available in the market.

The biggest advantage that this equipment has is that it can be used anywhere and anytime in your daily life. This means that one cannot be just restricted to a gym, as this instrument can be used in your home, your back yard or even in public parks.

There are basically two groups of pull up bar present in today’s market. One is the “no frame” pull up bar group. This group contains 04 main types: 1. Straight doorway pull up bar. 2. Curve doorway pull up bar 3. Wall mounted pull up bar. 4. Ceiling mounted pull up bar. The pull up bar in this group is just mounted to the door frame or fixed to the wall/the ceiling.

Another group of pull-up bar is called “Frame” pull up bar. This group contains 03 main types: 1. portable free standing pull up bar 2. Buried in ground pull up bar 3. Power rack. Pull up bar in this group has “frame” structure to support the handle-bar (horizontal iron bar) and can stand independently against doors, walls or ceilings

home gym workout fitness equipment masters in designing, producting and developing the portable pull up bar. This home gym workout fitness equipment comes fully equipped and in various size. This pull-up bar is built in such a way that you don’t have to mount it to the door frame or fix it in a wall or a ceiling. But you can use it in your drawing room, bedroom, working room, garage or even outdoors. It stands itself. The equipment is foldable, this means that you can get the free space very easily after exercise in only 8 seconds. These characteristics help you carry it anywhere you want with a minimum of endeavor. Another great feature that this pull-up bar has is that you can adjust its height according to your own use. This is useful as it helps you performing the Exercises For Lower Back Pain in much simpler and effective way. In order to use this equipment, you only have to grab the bar above your head. You either can grab it by having your palms towards you and even away from you. But as this video shows you better have your palm in an opposite direction. Now gradually lift your body upwards by using the muscles of your back and shoulder. When you reach the bar do touch the bar on your chest and on the other repetition make sure that the bar touches your neck. This is the most valuable exercise if you want to keep your back muscles in good condition. Apart from your back it also helps in giving you strong and attractive shoulder muscles.

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