You may hesitate to buy our products – KT folding pull up bars – because our prices are higher than the prices of other types of  pull up bar in the market. Please do not compare the prices between them, because any comparison is lame. Our products are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from other pull up bars, both in design, style, quality and materials. I can onlyASSURE you of one thing: When you buy our product, you will never regret spending money on a product that is not worth the price. Instead, you will feel happy, satisfied when using it every time – and feel the value of the product is far exceeded your expectation. The benefits and convenience  it gives is bigger than the price that makes you feel worry/anxious at this time, to the extent possible will make you exclaim: oh, the purchase of this product really is too cheap. Let’s look at some of the following points to know the big differences between our products compared with other types of pull up bar in the market:

1. First of all, that is the firm/stable: Do you agree with me that for a pull up bar, the firm/stable is the first criterion for evaluating its quality in comparison with the same function products in the market? Whether you take any movement, either chin up or swing or twist the body on the pull up bar, a product that shakes/vibrates violently will make you incredibly frustrating. When  exercise several times with a high vibration pull up bar, you will quickly get tired of it and want to shelve it immediately. Meanwhile, even if you buy a cheaper bar,  is still a huge waste. Our products are designed differently to have the stability superior to the other pull up bar in the market. With the experience of a man who has exercised with pull up bar for over 17 years, our director, Mr. Khanh Trinh, has designed and upgraded our products many times according to “user experience” to have a best versions of products today: UP TO 95% of vibration has been removed.

Any pull up bar also have the vibration when you exercise, but the vibration remaining 5% as of the KT pull up bar is DIFFERENT.

2. Secondly, that is the height of the horizontal bar (handlebar): Have you noticed that all other types of pull-up bar in the market that have the handlebars are not high? And the height of the handlebar is fixed, not adjustable. If you are a tall person, for example over 1.75m, you have to bend the legs when hanging on such pull up bars. Oh, so how can those pull up bars help you stretch the entire spine to increase height or treat the spinal problems? How can you exercise comfortably when your feet always shrink?

In contrast to them, KT  pull up bar can be easily adjusted the height to fit your reach. Whether you are above 1.8m or 2.0m tall, KT pull up bar still meet your demand “hang body straight.” Be rest assured that your toes will never touch the ground if you use KT  pull up bar, unless you want this.

3. Thirdly, that is the convenience of the product: Can you move other  pull up bar easily to another place – such as take it from indoor to outdoor – or will face the difficulty when only you do it by yourself? When you need to free up the space of room- such as make room for organizing birthday party, can you fold it up or cannot be folded? I am sure you cannot do that while using the other type of  pull up bar. You can easily do that when using our products: KT folding pull up bars.

4. Fourthly, that is the rational design and handy: With other types of pull up bar, you cannot or face difficulty to replace the foam handle grips (foam tubes) when they are torn, but with KT folding pull up bar, it is quite easily. You can disassemble the handlebar from the frame to replace the foam tubes, then mount it again. With other type of pull up bar, you must use a wrench/spanner to set up the components, just use your hands.


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