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The Double-tiered folding chin up bar model KT1.HT is composed of two parallel handlebars, an upper one for tall users and a lower one for short users. Both handlebars can be adjusted to have the suitable height for each user. The upper handlebar can be adjusted to the highest height of 92.5 inches (235cm) for 70.8 inches (180cm) tall users. The lower handlebar can be adjusted to the lowest height of 53.1 inches (135cm) for children around 39.3 inches (100cm) tall (At the age of four, children are able to do exercises with pull up bar to grow taller). Therefore, the KT Double-tiered folding pull up bar KT1.HT is suitable for both children and adults due to its flexible height adjustment. No matter how tall your children grow up to, you can adjust the handlebar to suit their height.  When the upper handlebar is used, the lower one can be removed easily and quickly.



The double-tiered folding Pull up bar can be used for different ages and heights in the family without adjusting the upper bar. The upper bar can be fixed to a suitable height for the tallest person in your family. For other members with lower height in your family (such as children, women, old people), you can simply adjust the lower bar to an appropriate height. Mounting, disassembling and adjusting the height of the lower bar is more simple and takes less time than adjusting the height of the upper bar.

On the other hand, due to being used for both children and adult (users from 39.3 inches – 70.8 inches height), if you buy this type of pull up bar for your children, it means you invest in a long-term training tool for your children – from baby to adulthood. No matter how tall your children grow up to, the pull up bar still “meet”. Even with the durability of steel material, when your children reach adulthood and go to work then they can still use the pull up bar (chin up bar) to prevent back pain and back fatigue (due to sitting many hours per day). 

The standard width of double tiered folding  pull up bar (chin up bar) model KT1.HT is 44 inches x 48 inches x spread range (112cm x 122cm x spread range). Unlike the spread range of the one tiered foldingf

pull up bar model KT.1.1518 or KT1.1520 or KT1.0914 (can freely adjust), the spread range of the double tiered folding free standing pull up bar completely depends on the length of the upper distance-setting-bars, which act as racks to support the lower handlebar.

Note: The disadvantage of the double tiered pull up bar (chin up bar) is taking more time to fold compared with the one tiered pull up bar (model KT1.1518/KT1.1520/KT1.0914). To ensure the safety of the exercisers, the below bar must be fastened to 2 distance-setting-bars and the distance-setting-bars must also be fastened to the frame. So, removing them to fold will takes quite much time (about 35 – 40 seconds). Thus, the double tiered folding pull up bar  is only suitable for the large houses which do not need to fold the pull up bar after exercising. Families with small areas should consider before deciding to buy this product (due to inconvenience in folding). We will continue to upgrade the product to meet the needs of all customers best.

Like the one tiered folding pull up bar model KT1.1518 and model KT1.1520, the double tiered folding pull up bar  is solid and stable, it has a good force-bearing capacity and very low vibration during exercising.  If you have been practicing and interested in pull up bar exercises, you must be pleased and like this feature the most.  By the practical experience of over 10 years doing exercises with pull up bar (chin up bar), we understand that a stable, solid and low vibration pull up bar will help users not lose pull-up force and not be muscular deflection during exercising. KT folding pull up bar (chin up bar) can meet these requirements in the best way compared to other  pull up bar types in the market. Whether you swing your body slightly or widely, or practice chin-ups strongly on the bar, there will only be some inconsiderable vibration. This feature has been confirmed by many satisfaction of customers who have been using our products

The upper bar can withstand a maximum load of 440.9 pounds (200kgs), the lower one can only withstand a maximum load of 198.4 pounds (90kgs). The lower bar also ensure safety for the exercisers like the upper bar.

Model KT1.HT (full set) include 04 pieces of foam handle grips (foam tubes), which help you relieve pain for your hands and callosities avoidance. However, if you do exercises with pull up bar regularly, it is easy to be torn. Normally, if you exercise many times a day, you can use up to 4 pairs of foam tubes per year. If you do not practice every day, you can use 2 pairs each year. When the foam tubes have torn it’s very difficult to find and buy them in retail because the inner diameter of the foam tubes must fit the outer diameter of the handlebar. On the other hand, the quality and thickness of the foam tubes which are bought retail elsewhere will not be as good as our foam tubes (because we specialize in providing accessories for our pull up bars). If you do not have the spare foam tubes – when they tear, if you buy from us, the shipping cost from Vietnam to your address is very high – much higher than the retail price of the foam tubes. Therefore, when ordering pull up bar (chin up bar), you should consider purchasing additional foam tubes for spare purpose (buying along with the pull up bar). Price of the foam tube: USD18.00/ 02 pieces


Outdoor and home workout device

Supports pull-ups and more

Tough steel frame for solid support; no-slip end caps

Freestanding design fits easily in home workout area

Safe, stable and easy to use

Height and spread range is adjustable

Max height (the Upper handlebar): about 92.5 inches (235cm)

Min height (the Lower handlebar): about 53.1 inches (135cm) 

Max load capacity (the Upper handlebar): 440.9 pounds (200kgs) when the user do exercise strongly

Max load capacity (the Lower handlebar): 198.4 pounds (90kgs) when the user do exercise strongly

Material: High strength Alloy Steel, Powder Coating

Upper handlebar (horizontal bar) width: 35.4 inches (90cm)

Upper handlebar diameter: 1.1 inches (28mm)

Lower handlebar diameter: 0.98 inches (25mm)

Total Shipping Weight (Gross weight): 44.1 pounds (20kgs)

Packed in shipping box with dimensions: 57 x 6.7 x 6.7 inches (145cm x 17cm x 17cm). Assembly required. Can be put in all types of cars – easily transported by motorcycle

Folded after doing exercise: about 30 – 45 seconds

The area occupied on the floor: 44 inches x 48 inches x spread range (112cm x 122cm x spread range). The spread range can be adjusted by the distance setting bar.

Manufacturer’s warranty: 10 years

Colour: Black

If it is well preserved (mainly be used indoor, avoid being affected directly from weather), this model can be used for a period of at least 100 years (in theory)