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How to cure scatica in 7 days

In this day and age, there are quite a few people who are suffering from sciatica. It is a kind of pain that occurs in the lower back of the people. It is much common among those people who have quite a busy schedule having very less physical activity. When people indulge in this pain they do actually invest lots of money in the form of medicines and therapies. But very often these methods are not able to impart significant result and relieves the pain of your lower back. It is necessary that one could get relief from this devastating back pain and can be very hard to get rid of it.

This pain results due to the disturbance occurring in the sciatic nerve present in your back. But It is a good news for the people who are suffering from this disease that there is a rare chance that the sciatic nerve gets completely damage. So one can make their sciatic pain go away. So people do try various methods with which they can get this disease to eliminate. Among these various methods, one thing that you will experience most of the times is the pain killers. This way of killing this pain is temporary as it eliminates the pain for the time being but the pin can aggravate at any time.

Here is an article that can help you tell that how to cure sciatica in 7 days. This is very much possible if you are indulging in a series of exercises for about 10 minutes a day for just a week and you will see that the sciatica is no more bothering you

Chin up bar stretch:

Grasp your chin up bar with an overhand style grip. Make sure that you are loosely hanging on the bar. Now relax and ensure that you are breathing slowly and steadily, inhaling and exhaling. In this way, the muscles of your back will be in a relaxing mood and the pressure will be released thus making your upper and middle back a strong posture leading to stronger muscles. In this way you not only will be eliminating the pain but will help your back to prevent the pain in the near future. The key here is to have a strong grip, it is because the stronger your grip is intense will be the pressure exerting to your back, thus giving an extra strength to your lats.

Figure 4 Stretch:

This is another effective stretch for eliminating your back pain.You have to lay down in such a way that the knees are bent and feet grounded in front of you. First, lift the right leg on your ankle over your left leg below the knee. Now move your right knee away from the body to a point when a stretch is felt in the right hip. Now hold this position and repeat with the other leg.

Seated Twist:

Make sure that you are in a seated position in such a way that the legs are in front of you. Ensure that your spine is straight. Now take out your left foot and place it over your right knee. Keep your left elbow on the right knee while having your right hand on the ground. Now slowly and steadily twist your body

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