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How to cure sciatica using a KT pull up bar: What does the People say?

The kt pull up bar is an equipment that not only claims its benefits but also delivers as well. There are thousands of customers who have purchased it and have all praises for this item. According to them, the kt pull up bar is a sure shot cure for your disc herniation and sciatic pain.

Here we described some of the reviews that thousands of people have given regarding their use of kt pull up bar. I this article there are few people and their usage of pull up bar through which they have said goodbye to their voracious sciatic pain and disc herniation.

First of them is Leh Thi Nam she is a 60-year-old woman she is been stricken by dis herniation and sciatica from more than 10 years. It was disturbing her a lot and though she had tried various methods of treatments such as medicinal herbs, hospitals, and acupuncture but nothing would work. But then according to her, she was referred to the kt Free standing pull up bar by her friend and h ordered it. She described this product as a very effective, efficient and simple equipment to use. As it has helped her to get rid of her herniated discs. As soon as she purchased it and started using it the results were eminent. By just stretching on the bar for about 5- 7 minutes just once in the day will serve your purpose. And then rest immediately after performing the stretch. By doing this consistently will reap you the results you are after.

The unique method of Leh Thi Nam is what will surprise many. As she is old and has the minimum strength in her body so it is difficult for her to hang on the bar. As by hanging, hands, arms and wrisits struugle so she can not hang for longer period of time. So in order to over come this hurdle she uses a body hanging belt. She make sure that the belt is fastened above the location of herniated disc. So when going for a hang she sets up a stool step on it, take the straps out fastend herself to the bar using the hanging belt, and then take the stool away from her toes and let her body dangle. She says that in order to experience a fast recovery one should fasten some dumbells with their feet.  The best time for her to perform this exercise is the night time. As she lays down immediately after doing the exercise. It is because that if you will walk after the exercise there will be no benefit of the exercise.

The Kt pull up bar has a miraculous ability to treat your sciatic pain and collapsed discs. It is because that when you are stretching using the bar, your vertebraes expand and the discs that were previously crashed in between the vrterbaes can be restored to their original position says Nguyen Van Hai. He said that I not only suffered fromsciatic pain but also have degenerated L1 to L5 vertebraes. But after the use of KT free standing pull up bar just once a day has helped him a lot. As now he has no pain and he is completely cured.

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