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If you are finding VERY INTERESTING AND “EASY-TO-SELL” PRODUCTS with completely DIFFERENT design and HIGH QUALITY for your Retail Ecommerce Store, this is RIGHT PLACE for you. Contact us now to increase your Profits highly.

We – Khanh Trinh Production Trading Service Company – a Manufacturer in VietNam – offer Drop-Shipping Program to all RETAILERS in the world who are interested in cooperation with us to sell our products.

SELL online our products on your website. Get HIGH PROFIT MARGINS

We are committed to all your worries in this method WILL BE ZERO when cooperating with us.

We don’t care WHO YOU ARE (big or small business, start-up or long-time business experience..) and WHAT COUNTRY YOU ARE IN. Only you like our Products, discover its BIG potential in SALES and think you can sell well to your customers – That is enough to start our cooperation. 

We will support you as much as we can, because your success is also our success!




What do you usually consider to decide to become a retailer/distributor for a particular manufacturer? In my opinion, in addition to the usual benefits that drop-shipping method brings to retailers as: you do not incur costs on inventory, storage and delivery to the customer, you ALSO CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING 4 BASIC FACTORS before making a decision

1. Feasibility.

2. The sustainability of business and cooperation

3. Prestige of the manufacturer

4. The speed of delivery and ability to process orders of the manufacturer

 What is the feasibility?

That is the ability to sell products successfully (fast sales) of retailers when deploying their marketing and sales activities. Although in drop shipping method, retailers do not need to buy a lot of products and store them at the warehouse -But you have to spend time to learn about the products and cooperation, thinking how to sell effectively, and spend TIME, effort, and  money to carry out marketing.

If your selling is not feasible, meaning you have wasted a lot of time, effort and money

What determines the feasibility of your selling?

In my opinion, the manufacturer’s product is the most important factor

Is it an expensive product or a low priced product? If it’s an expensive product, such as a car can fly, a luxury villa, an expensive jewelry item… there will be fewer buyers than common consumer product with good price and you will find it much harder to sell.

drop-shipping program Don’t worry,  our product is a consumer product, the price is reasonable, customers can afford.

Is it a product that can be bought online or not? If you sell a new product online, only few people experience the product and product is advertised as “touch-based control,” then I’m sure you will find it hard to sell online. Customers must come to check the product before buying it.

drop-shipping program Fortunately, our product is not so, can be sold online easily

Is it different or just exactly like other products but its price is higher? Think about this issue. If you sell a product that does not have “differences” in comparison to other products, I believe you will find it hard to sell because the consumers will ask: “why do I have to buy his product instead of other sellers product”

drop-shipping program Don’t worry, our products are completely different from other products with the same use in the market

 What is the sustainability of business and cooperation?

It is your ability to long-term sales in the market and long-term cooperation with the manufacturer.

There are products that you can only sell in a short time, but thereafter can not sell anymore because customers turn away. Because the product quality is not good or bad.

Or the product quality is good but the market size is not big (only for a certain age, gender), the demand of consumers is not much (only few people need it) or it’s seasonal product (serving Christmas, serving a football event …)

drop-shipping program We can assure that your business will be sustainable when cooperating with us. Please read the details below to understand why we can confirm this

 What is the prestige of the manufacturer?

It’s about doing exactly what they told you: “Words always go with right action”

drop-shipping program Cooperate with us, you will recognize us as one of the most prestige manufacturers you have ever met.

 How about the speed of delivery and ability to process orders of the manufacturer?

In the drop-shipping model, because you do not keep inventory, therefore what you care about is how the manufacturer delivers goods to the customer: is it fast or not? do they have enough inventory or make customers wait? If the manufacturer delay delivery to the customers that will discredit you

drop-shipping program Rest assured. We guarantee delivery to your customer in any country within 1-8 days, No later than 10 days. We are not only cooperating with 1 courier company, we are using services of many reputable express carriers such as DHL, Fedex, UPS … We always have inventory available, produce products continuously, so we will ship immediately within 1 working day upon receipt of your order.

OK, Let’s talk more about what we will bring to you in our Drop shipping Program:


They are KT folding free standing pull up bars. They have a completely different design than other pull up bars in the market which have the same function, therefore selling our products means SELLING THE DIFFERENCE.

What are 08 good features of our Products derive from its design? Check this link for more information:


You can see KT folding free standing pull up bars are SAFE, SMART AND HANDY products

drop shipping program

In market, there are 02 MAIN GROUPS of pull-up bars: “no-frame” pull up bars and “frame” pull up bars. “No-frame” pull up bars Group contain many types of products: Straight doorway pull up bars, curved doorway pull up bar, wall mounted pull up bar, ceiling mounted Chin up bar… “Frame” pull up bars Group also contain many types: portable free standing pull up bars, power rack, buried in ground pull up bars (traditional pull up bars). Our products – KT folding free standing pull up bars –  belong to “portable free standing” type, so they are different from other types which belong to “no-frame” pull up bars group. Compared to other types of “frame” group and other products of “portable free standing” types, our products are also different. Check 02 below links for more details:



As you know, THE STRENGTH OF A PRODUCT or service IN COMPETITION is THE DIFFERENT. And THE POWER OF A BUSINESS in that competition is “SELLING THE DIFFERENCE”. This is the biggest advantage you’ll have when cooperate with us

 Secondly, our products are HIGH QUALITY products

What do you usually worry about when selling a product? That is the QUALITY of it.

If you sell a poor quality product, the customer will complain, return the product and ask for a refund. Your brand will lose credibility and the customer will leave your stores. Your business will get worse and you will probably lose money.

Conversely, if you sell a high quality product, the customer will be happy about what they receive. They will buy many times, introduce your products to others for purchase, your Brand will become prestigious. You will sell the goods fast, succeed in business, make a lot of profit. You will easily become rich.

If you sell our product, you will NEVER worry about product quality. We are committed to high quality assurance.

Why have we survived and developed in the Vietnamese market during the past 7 years, while our product price is equal to half of Vietnamese people’s per capita income per month ($ 183 / month)? Why is one of our stores in HaNoi city able to sell more than 300 units a month? That is because we have provided HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS to consumers, and people have loved it.

Our products – KT folding free standing pull up bars are manufactured in compliance with our company’s own copyright design. It is a detailed and scientific calculation of dynamology, equilibrium, strength of materials, the correlation between weight – length – vibration. Our products are not simply a metal frame erected as you think. It is the deliberate combination of many different metal pipes, from the inner diameter, outer diameter, thickness, weight of each bar to form a stable and balanced pull up bar with endurance at least 100 years (indoor used) which is compact and portable. Our products are made from good quality steel pipe provided by big and reputable manufacturers in Viet Nam with durable electrostatic painting in accordance with customers’ wishes

Our company is a leading company in Vietnam specializing in manufacturing folding free standing pull up bars, and is prestige brand in the field of pull up bar products, so all machines and equipment for manufacturing and testing products are specialized tools. With 8 years of experience, we know how to make products really precise and good quality, it is imperative to use what type of welding, what limit to press the pipes. We have good workers who deep understand the product to operate these machinery.

Not because of luck that we have millions of domestic and foreign customers who trust, love, support us and refer the others to come to us. We can confirm one thing: 100% of our products are manufactured and quality checked carefully. When it comes to you, it is a good product, durable, long-term safety for the user – you will not be anxious for anything

Up to now, we have sold more than 1.000.000 units in Viet Nam and some to US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Sweden, Belgium… All customers are satisfied with the product quality. That is the reason why we are honored to be granted the ” Capital Golden Quality ” awarded by Hanoi People’s Committee and the Association of Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection of Hanoi city, Viet Nam.

Recently, we have been certified as high quality Vietnamese Good in accordance with the standards set by the Vietnam Union of Science and Technique Associations – based on the satisfactory testing sample at the General Department of Quality Metrology Standardization of Viet Nam.

If you cooperate with us, you just focus on marketing and sales. You will be completely assured of the quality of the products, and we are committed to providing only high quality products to your customers, protecting your brand and your reputation.

 Thirdly, MANY PEOPLE need our products.

Every AGE and GENDER can use them, so you will sell very fast if you know how to marketing well.

 Back pain patients (mainly the elderly) use them to treat and prevent recurrent sciatica, herniated disc, spinal degeneration and other spinal problems

 Children and teens use them to increase height

 Office workers, car drivers, fat and overweight people… use them to treat back pain, prevent health problems and spinal problems

 Men and women use them to exercise in fitness

You can check this link below to understand why we can say that:


We have many experiences in selling KT folding free standing pull up bars in VietNamese market. We believe consumers in different countries always have similar characteristics. If you need, we can share them to you, help you develop your business successfully.

 Fourthly, we offer VERY INTERESTING POLICIES in this program.

+ We offer SINGLE ITEM drop shipping. Minimum quantity requirement for Drop-shipping: 1 unit.

For example, if a customer orders 01 unit of our product on your online store, you receive money from customer AT RETAIL PRICE, then pay us AT THE DISCOUNTED PRICE. You will receive a profit margin of $35 per sold unit. You will give us the information of the customer. We will be responsible for processing order and shipping goods directly to the customer.

+ We can ship worldwide, to any country within maximum 10 days

+ We offer additional discounts if a retailer purchase more than 100 units. From 1-100 units, the discount is $35/unit. From 100 to 500 units, the discount is $40/unit. More than 500 units, the discount is $45/unit.

+ Drop Ship (Handling) Fee per order: NONE

+ Payment Terms Accepted: Paypal, Payoneer, Visa, Master Card

+ Ordering Methods: We accept orders online, Email, Viber, Skype…

+ We’ll share product images or videos of all available products to you at NO FEE

+ We’ll give you all information you need about our products. In all types of file you need: docx, xls, CSV…

+ We always hold inventory of all products in our own warehouse in VietNam

+ We are 8 years manufacturer. Our company operates from Monday to Saturday, from 09:am to 06:pm local time. We check messages daily and on time, from 07:am to 12:pm. Reply messages fast.


OK. Are you ready to cooperate with us? Do you have any question?

Do not hesitate CONTACT US NOW to grow your business with our Drop-shipping program


Contact Person’s Skype: TRINHLNK

Thank you very much for your attention and wish you a happy day!

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