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features of kt free standing pull up bar chin up bar



1.small-icon FIRSTLY, unlike traditional pull up bars and doorway pull up bar, KT free standing pull up bars (chin up bars) ARE NOT REQUIRED WALL DRILLING OR GROUND DIGGING for setting up. 

Instead, KT products have the folding design and CAN BE PLACED ON THE GROUND.  It’s easy to carry and move the bars to wherever it is convenient for you to exercise. If you have been hesitating to practice sports due to your busy schedule or having to go really far to get to the gym, let’s place our products right next to your working place or places that you go to frequently, you will reduce hesitation.

2.small-icon SECONDLY, KT pull up bars CAN BE FOLDED VERY FAST after practicing for space saving. It only takes LESS THAN 10 SECONDS to fold up a one-tiered pull up bar (model: KT1.1518, KT1.1520 and KT1.0914).

fold kt pull up bar

For the two-tiered pull up bar (model: KT1.HT), it will take a little longer because you have to mount the lower bar and its supporting bars tightly to the frame.


Picture of the KT one-tiered folding pull up bar (chin up bar) model KT1.1518 when it is folded (other models have the same folding shape)

kt pull up bar foled

3.small-icon THIRDLY, THE HEIGHT OF THE HANDLEBAR and THE SPREAD RANGE OF THE FRAME (its ability to stand astride) ARE ADJUSTABLE according to the height of the exerciser

Note: If you have the large place to put the frame, you can maximize the spread range to make the bar stand more stably. If the place is small, you can narrow the spread range to fit the space.

4.small-icon FOURTHLY, it is SOLID AND STABLE, HAS A GOOD FORCE-BEARING CAPACITY and VERY LOW VIBRATION DURING EXERCISING.  If you have been practicing and interested in pull up bar exercises, you must be pleased and like this feature the most.  By the practical experience of over 15 years doing exercises with pull up bar (chin up bar), we understand that a solid, stable and low vibration pull up bar (chin up bar) will help users not lose pull-up force and not be muscular deflection during exercising. KT folding pull up bar (chin up bar) can meet these requirements in the best way compared to other pull up bar types in the market. Through the A-shaped structure with supporting bars welded into the 4 legs, and a thorough research and calculation of dynamology and vibration, KT pull up bars (chin up bars) will bring comfort and joy to the exercisers. Whether you swing your body slightly or widely, or practice chin-ups strongly on the bar, there will only be some inconsiderable vibration. This feature has been confirmed by many satisfied customers who have been using our products – we ensure it will be worth the price.


Model KT1.1518 can withstand a maximum load of 440.9 pounds (200kgs). Model KT1.1520 has max load capacity is 771.6 pounds (350kgs). Model KT1.HT can withstand a maximum load of 440.9 pounds (the upper bar) and 198.4 pounds (the lower bar).

All models have good force bearing capacity and original shape keeping capacity: Repeatedly and strongly jerking your body on the bar does not cause the supporting bars curved, doesn’t make the frame warped. Instead, the bar always keeps its original shape -> sustainable over time.

free standing pull up bar chin up bar kt

5.small-icon FIFTHLY, THE OCCUPIED DIMENSIONS ARE REASONABLE. The standard design of the pull up bar model KT1.1518, KT1.1520 or KT1.HT is 44 inches x 48 inches x spread range (112cm x 122cm x spread range). Spread range can be adjusted through the hole on the distance-setting-bar. For small houses or users who want to place the pull up bar (chin up bar) in their corridor and balcony, we also produce the pull up bar (chin up bar) with the dimension of 35.4 inches x 39.3 inches x spread range (90cm x 100cm x spread range), 39.3 inches x 43.3 inches x spread range (100cm x 110cm x spread range). With such dimensions, our products will fit in narrow spaces (in a balcony, in a room, in a apartment, etc.). So the occupied space of the  pull up bar (chin up bar) is no longer a problem for you …


Unlike other kinds of pull up bar in the market – no foam handle grips or difficult to replace the foam tube when it’s torn, KT folding pull up bars have smart design help to replace the foam tubes easily. This problem is small but quite important influence on the performance and the psyche of the users. Why???

Unless the user had the calluses on hands, hold directly the steel bar without pain in hands – mostly new users will feel a pain in their hands when holding the horizontal bar (even have blistered hands). Without foam handle grips to support them, many users will be afraid to exercise on pull up bar, gradually lazy leads to quit the exercise. The strong willed person will try to overcome the pain, but does not exercise regularly, have to rest a few days for pain relief then continue. This leads to low performance in exercise (interrupted).


Therefore, we have improved the design of our products (from early 2012) to help the users replace the foam tube easily when it’s torn. This helps the users better exercise, significantly increases the efficiency in ” increasing height” and “prevention and treatment of the spine diseases” of the pull up bar to the users, avoiding “worry about sore hands, give up practicing pull up bar “of many young people.

7.small-icon SEVENTHLY, THE SAFETY OF KT FOLDING PULL UP BAR IS ABSOLUTE with movements within the space range created by its 4 legs. Except acrobatic movements around the “handlebar” or flying trapeze movements beyond the limit range formed by 4 legs of the pull up bar – the users SHOULD NOT DO without the necessary safeguards such as: put heavy things on the legs of pull up bar (example, 4 sand bags with 110 pounds – 132 pounds, ask 2 people to hold the legs, or drill and screw the legs to the ground (because KT pull up bar is only put on the ground, it legs are not buried into the ground) – You can perform all the other movements with ABSOLUTE SAFETY.


8.small-icon EIGHTHLY, KT folding pull up bars HAVE HIGH DURABILITY. If it is well maintained (mainly used indoor, avoid being affected directly from weather), our products can used in a period of AT LEAST 100 YEARS (in theory). Therefore, each day, you only have to spend a very small amount to have health, beautiful body and become taller. It’s even cheaper than making a phone call for a few minutes.

Note: In order to maintain the products, DO NOT PLACE THEM UNDER RAIN, SNOW. The pull up bars (horizontal bars) should be placed indoor or under eaves to avoid the rain and snow.

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(Mr Khanh Trinh – Director)

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