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sciatica pain relief

Home treatment for Sciatica Pain Relief

You might definitely know about the symptoms of sciatica – from shivering to deadness, shortcoming or crippling agony in your low back, posterior, or one or both legs – can abandon you confounded, hunting down anything to ease the torment. Missing work and passing up a major opportunity for exercises you appreciate makes life a weight, however some sciatica medicines can be far more detestable than the hopelessness of sciatica torment. In case you’re been seeking after a medication free approach, you might be keen on sciatica home treatment alternatives. Be that as it may, what are they and, all the more essentially, do they work?

Home treatment for sciatica incorporates various supposed “cures ” including:

  • Drink a lot of water and get plenty of rest. Wear the back brace to reduce the load on the disc which is herniated
  • Eat crude garlic or crude sauerkraut and sustenances rich in B vitamins
  • Apply a horseradish poultice to the agonizing region
  • Massage: is a physical stimulation which affects directly the senses, blood vessels, flesh and nerves. Massage helps to relieve the pain and relax muscles effectively without the need to use many equipment. Patient should be massaged daily before going to sleep. Of course, massage therapists for sciatica sufferers (may be the husband or wife/ children/ parents… of the sufferer) must be well trained in massage therapy by reputable professionals. You can also search and learn how to massage for therapy through reputable clips on internet (Youtube).
  • Temperature method: including heat method and cold method. Cold method for relief of immediate pain, inflammation, swelling or new injuries. The heat method to solve the chronic pain, long-term injuries. These two methods only help to reduce the pain that the patients suffer, help them more comfortable without substituting for other treatment methods
  • Hanging on KT folding free standing pull up bar: The simple and most effective method that millions of people are doing for sciatica pain relief is dead hanging using KT folding pull up bar. Your spine will be stretched and thus the ache will reduce considerably.

We will talk more about the last 02 methods:

point Temperature method: 

bullet Heat method: Hot temperature will stimulate the circulation of blood, help the muscles relax, thereby reducing muscle aches

You can use a bottle of hot water or the heat bag which is purchased at pharmacy. In addition, you can roast wormwood leaves with some salt, put them in a cloth bag or a towel. Place it (heat bag, hot water bottle, a towel with hot salt and wormwood inside) in contact with the pain area

* Note that the proper temperature is 70 ° C.

* Apply 15 to 20 minutes each night before bedtime, and apply only once a day.

* You have to lie in bed. Can lie on stomach and put the heat bag on your back. Or you can put the heat bag on the bed, and you lie on it, so that the pain area of your back comes in contact with it. Note: Should not stand up suddenly when you are lying for heat method because because doing so is easy to deviate the vertebrae

temperature method for sciatica pain relief

bullet Cold method: The cold will narrow the blood vessels thereby reducing the blood flow to the injured area, which can reduce the accumulation of fluid in the injured area. Therefore, cold helps to constrain inflammation and swelling in the injured area. So, cold method helps to reduce pain effectively

* You can use a plastic bag or rubber bag with ice or cold water inside. Outside the ice bag, wrap a thin towel. You can also use a cold towel. Lying on stomach and put the cold bag on the area of pain, remember do not put more than 20 minutes.

point Hanging on KT folding free standing pull up bar:

As we all know, the main cause of sciatica is herniated disc or bulging disc. When the disc is compressed, its “nucleus pulposus” protrudes out of its normal position and presses the sciatic nerve roots causing sciatica pain. Thus, for sciatica pain relief, we must treat hernated disc or bulging disc.

Don’t know in your country how will the doctors guide the patients to treat herniated disc? In our country – Vietnam – 95% of doctors will advise the patients should hang on the pull up bar daily to treat this spinal problem. Many people with disc herniation have completely restored their mobility after 3-4 months of doing this method continuously. From those with disc herniation at mild and medium level to those with severe herniated disc (have to undergo surgery) all realized the very good effect after exercise with the pull up bar.

My friend’s mother, 65 years old, has had a herniated disc for 10 years. It’s so severe that her right leg is almost paralyzed. She drank a lot of medicine, eastern medicine, western medicine, acupuncture, leaf medicine, chiropractic … but only for a while the sciatica pain recurred and persecuted her. She said that when she treated sciatica pain with these measures, the pain only temporarily reduced and those methods are ineffective. The herniated disc is not cured definitely, more and more severe.

Later, when the disease was too severe, the doctor had appointed her to have surgery. After surgery, the disease recurred after 4 months. She felt very desperate. When i’ve been told about her case, I advised her to try hanging on Khanh Trinh folding free standing pull up bars because we sold many of these products to others and the old customers sometimes sent us thank-you emails. Our products have changed their lives. At first, she did not believe our products could help her cure the disc herniation, but because her daughter tried to convince her, she started to try our product.

After only two weeks of treatment, her daughter (my friend) called me happily to tell me that her mother has helped a lot. She did not feel any pain anymore, slept better, and walked more nimbly. Up to now, after a year of continuous hanging on the KT folding free standing pull up bar, she completely stopped the pain which hurted her over 10 years. And every day she hangs on the bar several times a day to protect her spine from recurring disc herniation.

My friend’s mother is the best example for me can confirm that: Exercise daily with the KT pull up bar is very effective for sciatica pain relief and herniated disc treatment

Probably because of the obvious effect of the KT folding free standing pull up bar in the treatment of herniated disc, through the “word of mouth” of patients, KT folding free standing pull up bars became famous products in Vietnam and are loved and used by the Consumers across the country. Many big hospitals or private hospitals and clinics have equipped our products for the treatment of patients.

Hanging on KT folding free standing pull up bar to stretch fully the spine for disc decompression is a very effective treatment method with many good effects. This is the solution for sciatica pain relief from the root, while other methods are just temporary pain relief.

Why can KT folding pull up bar help you treat herniated disc/bulging disc safe and effectively at home? Discover here

Fortunately for those that can’t hang upside down, hanging from a pull up bar gives you the ability to experience the relief of decompressing the spine without inverting upside down.

Using the weight of your lower body and gravity, hanging from KT Free Standing Pull up bar increases the space between your vertebra (where your discs are), decompresses the spine, and removes pressure on nerves.

Very simple concept with UNBELIEVABLE relief! With home pull-up bars available at our website, you can do this from home and find relief quickly.

sciatica pain relief

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