How to grow taller ?

how to grow taller

In daily life, many people always wonder how to grow taller because height can affect significantly for each of us, from physical appearance (tall and handsome or short and underweight), to job (models, singers, flight attendants, pilots, hotel receptionists, bank employee, bodyguards…). From love, marriage (Standard to choose lover of many women is men who have height of over 1m70.) to violent conflicts (when conflict happens, tall people will have many advantages). From playing sports (basketball, volleyball, badminton, soccer…) to housework (hanging a picture, reaching a thing on top of cabinet…). The high people have many advantages so many people did all the ways to be taller (experiencing pain in leg stretching surgery, taking all drugs advertised to increase height, taking shoes with high soles…)

However, according to experts in Vietnam and around the world, there is no increasing height method which is better than increasing height naturally through eating and drinking scientifically, getting proper sleep and rest and exercising sports regularly. Genetic factors just decide 23% of your height, the remaining 77% belongs to these factors. The clearest evidence is athlete Rustam Akhmetov (Soviet Union), having mistreated gene. He only had the height of 1.64m when he was 15 years old. However, through exercising sports hardly and intensively, eating and relaxing properly, he reached the height of 1.87m. If you do not believe, you can search on about this athlete – his Russian name is “Рустам Ахметов”, you can also use to translate these articles.

Рустам Ахметов

About nutrition (this factor decides 32% of human height), you should eat foods containing a lot of calcium, protein and vitamin D, such as low-fat milk, eggs, lean meats, fish, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables.

About sleeping, you have to get enough sleep (8-10 hours /1 day) because growth hormone (GH) is produced naturally when we sleep. Lack of sleep or going to bed after 11 P.M is not good for your height. you should also sleep at noon.

Regarding living, you should avoid habits which damage for your height such as drinking a lot of alcohol, beer, coffee, carbonated beverages, eating a lot of foods containing much sugar and oil, smoking…

If you want to get taller fast and reach a maximum height, you can not ignore the efficient motivating factor: exercising daily. Playing sports properly help enhance metabolic processes in the body, circulate blood well and create growth hormone (GH) 3 times as much as normal people. It has been affirmed that: Playing sport in the daytime can result in increasing GH created in the night time. As a result, muscles, circulatory, ligaments, bones and joints are stimulated and the entire body, including height, will develop. There are many sports good for your height as pull up bar (horizontal bar), swimming, jumping rope, basketball, volleyball, cycling… but the most simple and effective way which is successfully applied to increase the height by many generations in Vietnam and around the world (including Rustam Akhmetov) is pull up bar (horizontal bar)

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I have seen many friends doing pull up bar (horizontal bar) very hardly and increasing height amazingly – even after only a few months of summer vacation. I myself also have had 10 years to practice persistently (from 16 to 25 years old) with a sole purpose: grow taller! increase height! After 10 years, I have been experienced and affirmed that doing pull up bar exercises is really effective way to increase height quickly. From 1m53 (15 years old), now I’m 1m68 (30 years old). How can I get taller?

After finishing the 9th grade (15 years old), I was only 1.53m tall – shorter than some girlfriends. From the middle of 8th grade, I began to care about my height and tracked it carefully – standing against the wall and measuring. Thus I recognized that: during one year from the end of 8th grade to the end of 9th grade, my height only increased 1.5 cm!! I felt nervous as this growth rate was too slow for a teen in puberty like me. My parents have average height (my father is 1m65 high and my mother is 1m55 high) but my grandparents are short. I was wondering whether or not I inherited the recessive gene (dwarfish)?

Looking at my friends who are tall, self confident and have many advantages, I was determined to practice pull up bar (horizontal bar) in order to increase height. I exercised very hard and regularly – whenever I had free time, I swung on the pull up bar (horizontal bar) : after waking up, after studying, in the late afternoon, nearly 12h at night, or after coming home. The result is very impressive. At the end of 10th grade, I got 4cm taller, 11th grade: I got 3.5 cm taller and in 12th grade, I was 1.63m high. In 4 years of university and 2 years of work, I still persevered in exercising, but my height growth rate decreased bit by bit. By mid of 24 years old, I recognized that my height stopped increasing. My height was unchanged until now: 1.68m (measured in the morning), 1.67m (measured in daytime). Looking back the past time, I think if I had not done pull up bar exercises and had been specified by the “dwarf gene”, until now I would have been only about 1.60m high and it would have been difficult to have girlfriend.

Currently, I am doing business with KT folding pull up bar. Because of doing business, I have to study a lot of biological and medical documents to have scientific basis about increasing height – in order to advertise and consult to customer properly. Unexpectedly, the knowledge I read from these documents matches perfectly with what I have gone through doing exercises with pull up bar (horizontal bar). Specifically, these issues are as follows:

Firstly, it is not true that people at all ages can grow taller and height development rate is the same at all ages.

Many people believe that doing pull up bar exercises always helps increase height. In contrast, many people also affirm that they do pull up bar exercises daily but they do not get taller anymore. Many parents do not allow their children (below 12 years old) to do pull up bar exercises because they afraid that this sport can adversely affect the development of bone. So they want to wait until their children study high school then they permit their children to do pull up bar exercises to increase height. So what is the truth?

Science has proven that children and adolescents grow taller due to the continuous proliferation of cartilage between the heads of bones. The cartilage was born continuously under the influence of growth hormone. When the body is growing, the new cartilage layers are born to replace old ones which become bone, and the old layer is also added gradually to the length of the bones, which helps children grow taller. In adulthood, the amount of growth hormone created slowly decreases and will eventually stop being created, thus the new cartilage layers can no longer be produced. When all the remaining cartilage layers are transformed into bone, children will stop increasing height.

For growing children, doing pull up bar exercises (or sports having body stretching movement) helps stretch the whole body under the effect of gravity, thus “freeing” layers of cartilage between the bones to be born more and faster. You can imagine that when the body is stretched, the bones are pulled apart, therefore the pressure on the cartilage caused by bones (due to the weight of the body) is gone, the proliferation of new cartilage is a lot easier. And the more new cartilage layers are born, the more children’s bones become longer (the more taller children may get). Therefore, if children do pull up bar exercise daily (or play other sports with body stretching movements) they will grow taller really fast and reach their maximum height easily. With the same genes and nutrition, a kid who actively practices pull up bar exercise is usually much taller than one who does not play sports.

Before the puberty (15 years old for boys, 13 years old for girls), children height increase rapidly. In the puberty, the height also develops very fast. In contrast, after the puberty, the height development process starts slowing down and eventually stops growing. It depends on each person, but girls usually stop their height development at the age of 19, whereas boys at age of 25. Without any solution to enhance the height developing process and let the body develop normally, girls often stop growing taller at the age of 16, whereas boys at the age of 22. Thus, children are recommended to do pull up bar exercise and other sports – the sooner the better- in order to take advantage of “golden period” before puberty. From the age of 4, children can do exercises with pull up bar (horizontal bar) without adverse effect to the bones

Thus, some people affirm that they do pull up bar exercises very hard without increasing height, you should not think that pull up bar is not helpful at all. Because they do pull up bar exercises when their bodies stop growing – the entire cartilage layers in the body are transformed into bone and the new cartilage layers are no longer produced. You also should not believe in increasing height advertisements which do not have scientific basis. Pull up bar is the extremely effective method to promote height when you are in growing period, but it can not be “finality” for your height when you are mature. Me too – from 25 years old to now, I still do exercises with pull up bar regularly but I can’t get taller. Thus, if you (after 15 years old) intend to do pull up bar exercises to increase height (exercises to grow taller), you should take notice to review yourself that you grow taller whether or not for the recent 6 months. If you realize yourself still taller, please do pull up bar exercises immediately with a serious and patient attitude. Do not hesitate because the longer you wait, the slower height development rate is, even stopped growing taller.

Secondly, if you do pull up bar exercises to grow taller, you should follow below notes:

+ Exercise hard and persistently. Try to exercise every day and several times a day. You should remember that “exercising many times per day with just a few minutes per time is better than exercising one time per day or one time per some days with many minutes.” If you do pull up bar exercises under manner of “just do when having inspiration, don’t have don’t do”, you will never get the desired result, even height development rate is unchanged.

Because the purpose of doing pull up bar exercises is to stretch bones in the body to reduce compression of bone heads onto growth cartilages, which facilitate to produce new cartilage layers quickly. Just a few minutes after swinging on the bar, if you do not lie down (instead, you sit or stand), the bones stretched will return to the old state, continue to compress onto cartilages under the weight of the body. Therefore, doing pull up bar exercises everyday and several times a day helps the body get more stretched situation, thus helping you grow taller quickly.

+ After doing pull up bar exercises, you should lie down to rest as long as possible. You should do pull up bar exercises before going to bed (bedtime, afternoon nap) and after waking up.

+ You should jump highly to hang on the bar. Jumping is good for your height, which helps stretch all body to dilate discs between vertebrae as well as stimulate to produce cartilages in bone heads. You should choose the pull up bar (horizontal bar) that when you hang on the bar naturally, your feet are above the ground at least 10cm. Exercises with stretching whole body (straight feet) and kicking in the air are much better than doing exercises with low bar and bending the legs.

+ Let simulate the movements of swimming when you hang on the bar. So you can combine two leading sport to increase height without going to the swimming pool.

bar stand

portable pull up bar

Thirdly, you may initially wish to increase height, but doing pull up bar exercises to grow taller daily gave “accidentally” you a significant and valuable “gift”: a beautiful and firm body.

That’s really truth. At first, I did pull up bar exercises with a sole purpose: improving my height. However, just after 1 year of exercising (mainly by “chin up” movement), I got another “reward” which many friends desired: V – shape body, 6 pack abs, well-developed chest (which helps me more confident when I strip to the waist or wear T-shirt compared to the previous flat chest), weak arms become brawny as athlete. Afterwards, I recognized that pull up bar (horizontal bar) is a indispensable tool in gym. I also understood that pull up bar is a combination of many sports. When you swing on the bar or do “chin up” movement, you practice your hand muscle with “dumbbell” which is equal to the body weight. Chest muscles and shoulder muscles are shrunk and stretched as spring wires. You mimic the motions of cycling or swimming while you pedal. Shaking your hips when hooping indicates that you are working out to reduce your waist size. The back ligaments become more durable, the spine is more flexible, and your abs become strong and six-pack muscles when you chin up or hold your knees parallel to the ground. This is similar to performing artistic gymnastics.

Obviously, pull up bar (horizontal bar) is a comprehensive and versatile sport tool that help you to own a muscular body – even if you do not have the time or conditions to come to the fitness club. In the old days, Bruce Lee had a very nice and firm body, because he did “chin-up” with pull up bar so much everyday, besides 2 favorite sports are kung fu and running.

Why should you choose our products – KT folding pull up bars (KT horizontal bar) – to practice at home?

+ Doing exercises with pull up bar (horizontal bar) and swimming (regularly) have the same effects: increasing height, making your body healthy and nice. But doing pull up bar exercises is more economical and effective in practising daily. Firstly, you can practise anytime you want (late night, early morning, when you have free time) without having to go away (because pull up bar is placed in your house). Secondly, you do not need to know how to swim. Thirdly, you can practise in all of 4 seasons (Not afraid of the scorching sun, heavy rain, cold snow…). Fourthly, the price of KT pull up bar (Model KT1.1520) is USD450, if used for 100 years, you just spend USD450 / (100 years x 365 days) = USD0.012 per day to increase height and have nice body (for youth) and have spinal health (for middle age and old age)

+ KT folding pull up bar (KT horizontal bar) is portable and convenient: only assembling to use without drilling walls or grounds to set up as the traditional pull up bar. Put in any place, moved easily. Folded very quickly after practice for space saving. Its height and spread range can be adjusted to fit your training needs. Very solid, stable, has a good force-bearing capacity and very low vibration during exercising

+ Product quality has been certified by a majority of the consumers and the authorities. Getting award “Golden Quality Award of the capital” and “Viet Nam goods of high quality and compliance with standards”. Khanh Trinh brand has been confirmed, being reputable business, thoughtful customer service.

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