a) Pull up (chin up):


+ Effect: Developing the shoulder and chest muscles, abdominal muscles, lats, hip and biceps. Helping young men under 25 years old increase height

+ Preparation: Hang your body freely on the pull up bar. Two hands hold the handle bar wider than shoulder width. There are two types of holding: 1. the palms are directed toward your body. 2.the palms facing out

+ Action: Use the force of your arms to pull your body up, until your chin over the handle bar then drop down. Note: keep your back straight, when drop down you should let 2 arms straight at full sizes

+ Note about your breathing: When pull your body up, breathe out. When drop down: inhale. The more regularly you breathe, the more persistent your strength is

b) Pull up “back of the neck”


+ Effects: Developing back muscles, traps, triceps, lats, the chest muscles. When your strength goes up, wear extra heavy things to do exercises, more effectively

+ Preparation: Hang your body freely on the pull up bar. Two hands hold the handle bar (horizontal bar) wider than shoulder width

+ Action: Bend your elbows, pull body up but your head is in front of the handle bar. When your neck is near the bar, drop body down to return to preparation. Repeat movement.

c) Abdomen muscles exercises:


+ Effect: Helping abdominal muscles be hard and beautiful

+ Action: Hang your body on the bar, freely stretch the legs, gather your feet. Keep knees straight, slowly raise your legs up until your back and feets together create a 90 degree angle, then stop. Maintaining the position about 70-10 seconds, then slowly drop your legs down. Repeat movement.

d) Wearing heavy object:

pull heavy object

+ Effect: Stretch the entire body, grow taller fast.

+ Preparation: A heavy object such as concrete slab or cast iron block, cast dumbbell, leg dumbbell, sandbag … with 50-60 kgs weight. Tie a great width and durable rope to that heavy object. Place the heavy object on the ground, just below the hanging position. Hanging body freely on the bar (straight arms) and toes pointing straight to the ground (like movements of ballet toes) to estimate the height from toes to the ground. On the other hand, pulling the rope straight up to estimate the maximum height of the rope. Adjust the maximum height of the rope (by tie it again to the heavy object) to make sure that it is equal to the height from your toes to the ground when hanging (straight arms) on the handle bar

+ Action: insert your toes of 2 feet into the rope, flex your feet to make feet and legs form a “hook”, stretching the rope vertically from bottom to top.

Use the power of your hands, slowly pull up so that the whole body were stretched in max level, to the extent possible gradual lifting heavy object off the ground. Keep that state as long as possible. When your hands are tired, dropping heavy objects down slowly. Repeat several times until tired, then stop

e) Other exercises: are like exercises for women and children (swinging, riding a bicycle, swimming breaststroke, knees-exercise)


The following, we introduce some exercises for women and children, which help them to have beautiful belly, slim waist, well-developed hips, strong hands (also very good for men to do, especially for those who want to lose belly fat gently and effectively). The exercises as swinging, walking, riding a bicycle, swimming breaststroke, knees-exercise are particularly effective for children to increase height. Because, these exercises not only stretch the dorsal vertebrae and leg bone, but also stimulate growth cartilage proliferation

a) Swinging


b) Walking


c) Twisting body


d) Riding bicycle


e) Kneeing


d) Swimming Breaststroke


3. FOR PEOPLE WITH SPINAL DISEASES: Sciatica Exercises/ Back pain Treatment by KT pull up bar

+ Place the pull up bar (horizontal bar) in location where are cool in the summer, warm and windless in the winter, convenient to exercise in all weather.

+ The height of the handle bar depends on the height of the exerciser. How to get the handle-bar height? The exerciser stands upright with his/her middle finger touching the bar (not on tiptoe), which is the right height of the handle bar. At the standing spot of the exerciser, place two small wooden platforms (or 2 bricks) with the height of about 5-7 cm (these two wooden platforms/bricks are about 60 cm apart)


+ After some warm-up movements, the exerciser steps up on the two wooden platforms/bricks, grip the bar with distance of 2 arms equal the width of shoulder. Then, hang on the pull up bar naturally: whole body relaxed, comfortable posture, drops two feet into the space.

At this point, the spine is stretched by the body weigh. When stopping do exercises, the exerciser must put his/her legs back to the wooden platforms/bricks before letting hands down.

+ Practice several times a day (2 hours do once), but the 2 best times are after waking up in the morning and before going to bed in the evening. The exerciser is recommended to hang 5 turns in each time, each turn lasts for 15 seconds (15 seconds is enough for a turn). After hanging on pull up bar in 15 seconds, take a rest for 5 minutes, then start hanging again. Practice persistently during treatment period and after treatment.

+ It is necessary to note that jumping, swinging, bending back and knees during doing exercises with pull up bar (horizontal bar) are not allowed.

Sciatica (back pain) patient don’t do these movements on pull up bar


+ Through our experiences of monitoring and treatment, this method is very good due to its natural muscle relaxation impact, self-correcting spinal physiology, gel nucleus location recovery in the disc, enhancing durability of lumbar ligaments and tendons in the spine. Furthermore, the pull up bar (horizontal bar) is simple, affordable and very safe. In the hanging position, the exerciser‘s toes are only 5cm above the ground, so in case the hands are slipped, the exerciser still land very fast and safely.

To increase the efficiency of sciatica treatment (due to herniated disc), the patients should combine doing pull up bar exercise with the methods below:

+ Wearing a back belt or neck belt to reduce the load on the disc

+ Getting plenty of rest.

+ Don’t lie on soft cushion. Just lying on the hard cushion, hard bed.

+ Do not carry heavy objects

+ Do not wear high heels (The women)

+ In daily life the patients should eat foods with components of cartilage, tendons, bones, such as pig ears, pig nails legs, fins – cartilaginous fish

+ Patients need to leave off drinking, smoking, avoid excessive stress on psychology.

+ Carrying out weight loss methods (obese people)

+ Note that riding (motorcycle, car) on the bumpy road is also a risk for spinal disc herniation. So the patients need to avoid riding on the bumpy road. If you have to ride the car, motorcycle, you need to wear a back belt.