1. How can i do to buy your goods?

Answer: The purchase is actually very simple, follow instruction below:

Step 1: Contact us (fill the contact form, send email) to clarify all your questions

Step 2: Add the product you choose to cart. Making payment (checkout) follows the steps on the website.

Step 3: Our US Agency or VietNam company will send goods to you. All you have to do now is wait some days, you’ll receive goods at home

2. How can i buy the goods with cheaper prices?

Answer: You can purchase goods with cheaper prices by inviting more people to buy the products with you. If you buy more than 2 sets we will reduce the total amount for you. Contact us for detail information.


3. What are the similarities and differences between KT One-tiered folding free standing pull up bar (Model KT1.1518, model KT1.1520, model KT1.0914) and KT Double-tiered folding free standing pull up bar (Model KT1.HT)?

Answer: a) The similarities:

+ Placed on the floor, wherever convenient for exercise. No need to drill the wall or dig the ground to make a traditional pull up bar (chin up bar)

+ Can be folded after doing exercise. Easy to carry and move

+ The height of the handlebar can be adjusted to accord with exerciser’s height. 

+ Solid and stable. Good force-bearing capacity. 

+ Can be fitted with seat and chains to become the full swing

b) The differences:

+ The most obvious difference is the way to adjust the height of the handlebar for exercisers with different heights. KT One-tiered folding free standing pull up bar has only 01 handlebar, so you can adjust its height as image below:

adjust height 1


KT Double-tiered folding free standing pull up bar (Model KT1.HT)  has 02 handlebar, upper bar and a lower bar. The upper bar height is fixed for the tallest person. For other exerciser with lower height (such as children, women, old people), you can simply adjust the lower bar by fitting it into rack bars at appropriate height level as image below:




+ KT One-tiered pull up bar is folded in 8-10 seconds, but it takes more time to fold KT Double-tiered pull up bar (about 35-40 seconds). Because you only remove 02 distance-setting-bars from the frame to fold KT one-tiered pull up bar, but you have to remove not only distance-setting-bars but also the rack bars to fold the KT double-tiered pull up bar

4. What are the similarities and differences between 2 models of KT One-tiered free standing pull up bar: Model KT1.1518 and model KT1.1520?

Answer: Model KT1.1520 and model KT1.1520 are identical in structure. The differences between them are max load capacity and max height, so model KT1.1520 is made from bigger and thicker iron tubes:

+ Gross weight of model KT1.1518 is 37.4 pounds (17kgs), but gross weight of model KT1.1520 is 63.9 pounds (29kgs).

+ Max load capacity of model KT1.1518 is 440.9 pounds (200kgs). Max load capacity of model KT1.1520 is 771.6 pounds (350kgs). The limitation 440.9 pounds (200kgs) means that at a specific time (short-term), Model KT1.1518 can withstand a max weight of 440.9 pounds (200kgs) combine with swinging and shaking movement of exercisers, but is not bent, broken or collapsed. But in the long term, if people who have weight over 100kgs always do exercises with model KT1.1518 will make the handlebar bend

+ Max height of model KT1.1518 is 92.5 inches (235cm). Max height of model KT1.1520 is 100.4 inches (255cm)

Model KT1.1518 is used for people who are under 70.8 inches (180cm) tall and 200.4 pounds (100kgs) weight. If you are tall more than 70.8 inches or weighty over 200.4 pounds, you should use model KT1.1520

indoor outdoor free standing pull up bar model kt1.1520

5. When receiving your product, how can i install it? Does your company have anyone can help me directly?

Answer: Due to the purchase and shipping are remote (Our US Agency may be located far from your address), so when receiving our product, please install it by yourself following the installation guide (in box). For one tiered pull up bar model KT1.1518 (or model KT1.1520, model KT1.0914), product installation is completely simple. Installing the KT double tiered pull up bar model KT1.HT is a bit more difficult – but if you read the installation guide carefully and comply with the instructions in which – there will be no problem.

Each set of pull up bar includes many types of bars. Each type has a different shape (structure). You only need to look closely at the shape of each bar in the image of installation guide, then find the bar in the real product. Do right by-step, you will surely be successful

Every box (sent to you) contains the installation guide paper sheet. If you need, we can send the file of installation guide to your email.

During installation, if you meet with difficulties, please contact us. We will try to support you as quickly as possible. Please check the time zone difference to know what’s the time in Vietnam. We work from 9:00 am to 18:00 pm.

6. What’s your warranty policy? How do you perform warranty if your products have mistake?

Answer: We apply 10 years warranty for all models of KT folding free standing pull up bar. However, in Vietnam, we have sold nearly 1 million sets of pull up bar (chin up bar) in 5 years, but no case that we have to perform warranty. The main cause is product quality has been carefully checked after producing and checked again before sending it to the buyer. The second reason is that our products are made from High strength Alloy Steel tubes, so they are not easily damaged as other goods (such as electronics goods). Therefore, we are confident to apply worldwide warranty policy as follows: If there is any technical mistake in a part of products, we will send you new part to replace. We bear all shipping cost for sending it. This is reliable certainty commitment of our company.


  1. During the warranty period, the component of the product is defective, damaged due to technical fault of the manufacturer will be replaced free of charge
  2. No free warranty for the following cases:
  • Put the product outdoor under the rain, sun, snow make the steel, bolts and screw nuts rusted
  • Peeling paint
  • The bolt, screw nut is broken or lost
  • The pipe (s) is bent because the load is too large, use product for wrong purpose
  • The user deforms the product compared with the initial condition
  • The product has been changed or repaired without the consent of Khanh Trinh company
  • No warranty card
  • Warranty card is crumpled can not be read or has been defaced, repaired


7. Can I perform acrobatics or flying trapeze with your pull up bar?

Answer: You can perform these actions after do some necessary protection methods (for safety) such as: put heavy things on the legs of pull up bar (example, 4 sand bags with 50-60 kgs), ask 2 people to hold the legs, or drill and screw the legs to the ground… Because KT pull up bars are placed on the floor without fixing in the ground, and have lightweight structure (for easy carrying, moving, folding) so if you don’t do the protection methods but still perform these actions, it can be dangerous for you (the legs can be lifted off the ground and pull up bar may topple over).

Normally, you should only swing in the area formed by 4 legs of the pull up bar.


8. Can i place your product(s) outdoor?

Answer: You can place it anywhere you want. But if using it outdoor, you should fold and take it into the house after doing exercises to avoid the rain and snow. Because it’s made from Alloy Steel, not from stainless steel (inox). Although it is coated (electrostatic painting) outside, but if rain water or snow enters inside of tubes will make the product rusted, damaged quickly.


How long do orders take to process?

Orders take max 3 days to process from the order date.

How much is shipping?

All orders are shipped for free in the continental US.

Are your pull up bars assembled?

No. We ship all our pull up bar products unassembled in shipping boxes.

How long does it take to assemble your pull up bar?

About 10-15 minutes if you know how to put things together. All accessories are included in the box.

Where do you ship from?

If you’re in the US, we ship from California, United States. If you’re in other countries, we ship from VietNam

How long does shipping take?

Our products usually ships in 5 – 7 business days.

Do you offer order protection?

Yes. We always make sure you are satisfied with your order. We guarantee that your order will be as described and not defective, is genuine, and is delivered on time.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, you can buy with confidence. We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee from when you receive your order.

Can I make a return?

Yes, you can buy with confidence. We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee from when you receive your order.