If you are in the MAINLAND UNITED STATES, the shipping cost is FREE.

If you ARE NOT IN THE MAINLAND U.S, please CONTACT US for the total cost (products price and exact shipping cost). We’ll send goods to you from factory in VietNam or other places near you, so the prices of products and shipping cost MAY BE MUCH CHEAPER or HIGHER than prices quoted on our website (Prices on our website are for mainland US only).

After get total cost exactly, you can visit THIS LINK to proceed with payment. The unit price is $1, total amount = (quantity x unit price), so please enter the quantity in proportion to the total amount you need to pay

The prices of products in mainland US market on this website ( include many costs (production costs + shipping cost + export taxes and fees + import taxes and fees to ship goods from VietNam to the U.S + marketing costs + shipping cost in the U.S) so they’re higher than prices of products in VietNam market.

If you buy retail (quantity 1 to 10 units), then delivery method is via express courier by airfreight, usually you will get products at home within 8 days.

If you buy wholesale, please contact us to get the best price and appropriate shipping method.

SHIPPING COST” we mentioned above is the amount you have to pay the transport companies for their services, not include the taxes and fees (which are different between countries) you must pay your government, such as customs duties. Usually, the carrier will charge these fees when they deliver product(s) to you (they collect the costs they have paid upfront to the government)