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The one-tiered folding free standing pull up bar Model KT1.1518 can be adjusted to many different height levels. It means the users can choose the height of the handle-bar that fits their reach for THEIR TOES DO NOT TOUCH THE GROUND. The highest level is about 92.5 inches (235cm), for 5’11” users (180cm). The lowest level is 72.8 inches (185cm), for  4’7” users (140cm) . Users from 4’7” to 5’11” use this product well. Kids around 4’5” (135cm) with good momentum can also use this model.

If you’re TALLER than 5’11” (180cm) or LESS THAN 5’11” BUT WEIGH MORE THAN 200.4 pounds (100kgs), we recommend our model KT1.1520. That is the pull up bar we specifically designed to ensure that your toes do not touch the ground when doing exercise.

If you want to know WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE KT folding free standing pull up bars, Let’s explore their THE DIFFERENCES between KT folding free standing pull up bars and other types of pull up bars

There are 02 ways to adjust the height of Model KT1.1518:

WAY 1: The handle-bar of Model KT1.1518 is supported by 4 vertical legs. Each leg CONSISTS OF 02 SECTIONS: The upper section (smaller outer diameter) is inserted into the below section (bigger outer diameter) AS THE ANTENNA. The upper section has 5 equidistant holes, and the below section has 01 hole. The users can match one of 5 holes of the upper section with the hole in the below section, then insert a bolt through them to adjust the height of the handle-bar. When you want to lower the handle-bar, just insert further (deeper) the upper section into the below section, match the holes and insert the bolt through them. Conversely, when you want a higher level, pull-out the upper section from the below section as making the  antenna longer. Make sure that when you adjust the height of the handle-bar by this way, the position of the hole in each leg is matched correct to ensure the shape A of the frame is balanced.

WAY 2: In addition to above mentioned 5 holes, there are 5 holes in the distance-setting-bar to adjust the length of it, therefore also adjust the height of the handle-bar. The distance-setting-bar is also like an antenna, it can be shorter or longer with the smaller section (has 01 hole) is inserted into the bigger section (has 05 holes). The longer the distance-setting-bar, the lower the handle-bar becomes and vice versa.

By combining ways 1 and 2, you can adjust the height of the handle-bar to 5 x 5 = 25 levels. However, some users even do not use the distance-setting-bars during their workout (if they only dead hang on the KT folding pull up bar), so they adjust the “spread range” arbitrarily. Therefore, it can be said that the height of KT folding free standing pull up bar is adjusted freely to a lot of levels by this way, not only 25 levels.

The below image helps you to understand clearly the height adjustment of the KT one-tiered folding PULL UP BAR (such as Models KT1.1518, KT1.1520, KT1.0914):

kt free standing pull up bar sideview

KT folding free standing pull up bar



Indoor and outdoor workouts. 

Supports pull-ups, kipping pull-ups, body swing, and more

Tough steel frame for solid support; no-slip rubber pads

Free standing design fits easily in home workout area

Safe, sturdy and stable, easy to use

Height and spread range is adjustable

Max height: about 92.5 inches (235cm)

Min height: about 72.8 inches (185cm)

Max load capacity: 440.9 pounds (200kgs) when the user do exercise strongly

Material: High strength Alloy Steel, Powder Coating

Handle-bar (horizontal bar) width: 35.4 inches (90cm)

Handle-bar diameter: 1.1 inches (28mm)

Total shipping weight (Gross weight): 37.4 pounds (17kgs)

Packed in 01 shipping box with dimensions: 57 x 6.7 x 6.7 inches (145cm x 17cm x 17cm). Assembly required. Can be put in all types of cars – easily transported by motorcycle

Folded quickly after doing exercise: only 8 seconds

The area occupied on the floor: 44 inches x 48 inches x spread range (112cm x 122cm x spread range). The spread range can be adjusted by the distance setting bar

Manufacturer’s warranty: 10 years

Color: Black

Picture 1: Straight-view of KT One tiered folding free standing pull up bar model KT1.1518

home free standing pull up bar kt1.1518

Home KT folding free standing pull up bar model kt1.1518

The standard width of one tiered pull up bar KT1.1518 is 44 inches x 48 inches x spread range (112cm x 122cm x spread range). The spread range can be freely adjusted from 47.24 inches (120cm) to 66.92 (170cm) by distance-setting-bar

If your room area is small or you want to place the KT pull up bar (chin up bar) at corridor or balcony, we can cut it into a smaller size (as your request). For example, the width is 35.43 inches x 39.37 inches x spread range (90cm x 100cm x spread range), or 39.37 inches x 43.30 inches x spread range (100cm x 110cm x spread range)…

Model KT1.1518 (full set) include 02 pieces of foam handle grips (foam tubes), which makes pain relief and callosities avoidance for hands of exercisers. However, if you often practice pull up bar (chin up bar), it is easy to be torn. Normally, if you exercise every day and practice many times a day, you can use up to 4 pairs of foam tubes each year. If you do not practice regularly, each year you can use 2 pairs. When the foam tubes have torn it’s very difficult to find and buy them retail because the inner diameter of the foam tubes must fit the outer diameter of the handlebar. And the thickness and quality of the foam tubes when you buy retail elsewhere will not be as good as our foam tubes (because we specialize in providing pull up bar and related accessories). If you do not have the spare foam tubes to replace – when they tear, if you order from us, the shipping cost is high. Therefore, when ordering pull up bar, you should consider purchasing additional foam tubes for spare purpose (buying along with the pull up bar). Price of the foam tube: USD18.00 / 02 pieces

free standing pull up bar chin up bar indoor 1518

KT indoor pull up bar Model KT1.1518

Don’t think our pull up bar is slender and frail (it is just the camera angle from far place, to get the overall picture of the pull up bar which is above 88.58 inches). It’ really solid and stable. We calculated the bearing capacity of this model carefully in condition of heavyweight exerciser swings on the bar strongly without being broken and collapsed. Model KT1.1518 can withstand up to 440.9 pounds (200kgs) in strong shaking condition

KT folding pull up bar (chin up bar) has the ability to resist horizontal shake forces well by long T-shaped legs. According to this design, “horizontal line” of the T-shaped legs forming a point prop up the bar (in the picture below we call this point is “point A” – At that bears most of the combine forces of horizontal shake forces and gravity of the exerciser). At the point A, this combine forces is reduced apart by the ground’s reactive force. Thus, the horizontal vibration of the entire KT pull up bar is very low. If point A is farther from T-shape’s “vertical line”, the ground’s reactive force will be stronger, but the occupied area of the KT pull up bar frame become larger.

free standing pull up bar

A force bearing bar is welded from “horizontal line” to “vertical line” of the T-shape leg, which forms a triangle at the leg of the KT folding pull up bar (chin up bar). This bar makes reactive force P3 to resist compression force, and also makes reactive force P4 to resist the pull force of “vertical line” which impacts on “horizontal line” of the T-shaped leg – when the horizontal shake forces are generated on the handlebar. It also transfers combine forces P to point A, helps welds between “vertical line” and “horizontal line” of the bar legs are durable, do not come apart during exercising in long-term

Therefore, our KT free standing pull up bar is solid and stable, it has a good force-bearing capacity and very low vibration during exercising.  If you have been practicing and interested in pull up bar exercises, you must be pleased and like this feature the most. By the practical experience of over 10 years doing exercises with pull up bar (chin up bar), we understand that a solid, stable and low vibration pull up bar will help users not lose pull-up force and not be muscular deflection during exercising. KT folding free standing pull up bar can meet these requirements in the best way compared to other free standing pull up bar types in the market. Through the A-shaped structure with supporting bars welded into the 4 legs, and a thorough research and calculation of dynamology and vibration, KT folding pull up bars will bring comfort and joy to the exercisers. Whether you swing your body slightly or widely, or practice chin-ups strongly on the bar, there will only be some inconsiderable vibration. This feature has been confirmed by many satisfied customers who have been using our products – we ENSURE IT WILL BE WORTH THE PRICE.

free standing pull lup bar workouts kt1.1518

KT folding free standing pull up bar Model KT1.1518

Model KT1.1518 has very good “original-shape-keeping capacity”: Repeatedly and strongly jerking your body on the bar does not cause the supporting bars curved, doesn’t make the frame warped. Instead, the KT pull up bar frame always keeps its original shape. According to our proof throughout the past 9 years, KT folding  pull up bar is used for a long-term and it’s durable, not deformed by the forces during exercising

Picture 2: KT One tiered folding pull up bar model KT1.1518 when folding and leaning against the wall:

free standing pull up bar kt1.1518

KT pull up bar Model KT1.1518 is folded

free standing pull up bar kt1.1518

Two heads of the distance setting bars are U-shape which help you fold the frame in only 8 seconds

Picture 3: KT One tiered folding pull up bar model KT1.1518 when entire disassembling and packing into carton box

free standing pull up bar workouts kt1.1518

KT folding pull up bar Model KT1.1518 packed in carton box

Disassembling the KT folding free standing pull up bar and packing it into carton box makes it easy to carry and move, transported by cars, motorcycles …

If it is kept in good condition (mainly used indoor, avoid rain, shine, or snow), this model can be used for a period of at least 100 years (in theory).