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* High Quality Pull Up and Chin Up: Designed by Mr Khanh Trinh who has 15 years of Pro Street Workout experience, KT Folding Pull Up Bar Station gives you the most comfortable pull up/chin up workouts. Toes Don’t Touch Ground. Full Body Swing and Stretched. No limit your movements. Can do well Pull Ups, Chin Ups, Kipping pull-ups, vertical knee raise, leg raise, swing body, pedal, twist body...and many other movements from easy level to hard level. The height of KT Folding Pull Up Bar Stand can be adjusted easily in many levels without spanner from 76.7'' to 100.4'', suitable for all users less than 6.56 ft and 485 Lbs

The handle-bar is supported by 4 legs. Each leg is designed as an antenna, can be extended or shortened with many levels. By adjusting the length of 04 legs, user can adjust the height of the frame. 02 distance-setting-bars also have the similar structure (like the antenna) so users can change the length of them to adjust the height of the frame. Thus, you can adjust the height of product flexibly and easily to fit your arm reach

* Sturdy And Durable: The well-designed and quality structure helps KT Folding Pull Up Bar Stand to have good Force-bearing capacity and stability. It’s true, because an experienced designer always knows what the user wants. The KT Folding Pull Up Station can withstand max 771.6 Lbs and enables you to do the strongest exercises without being collapsed or bent. “Sturdy” means 92% wobble is removed. Not 100% stable, but enough to make you and 95% of our customers satisfied

* Safe For All Your Family Members: Unlike some other Pull Up Dip Stations with narrow footprint, KT Freestanding Pull Up Bar is much more widely so your shin or knee will never hit on the frame as you drop back down from pull ups. You will never feel cramped in it even if you’re a big person. The handle bar width is 39.37’’, allows you to hold wide or narrow as your fitness purpose. Its handle bar also NEVER falls down suddenly like some kinds of doorway pull up bars

* Foldable And Versatile: The KT Portable Collapsible Pull Up Bar Stand can be folded up quickly in 08 seconds, allows you to free up the space after exercise. You can use KT Folding Pull Up Bar Tower anywhere as per your training regime (indoor, outdoor, garage, playground, bedroom, gym room or office). It can be used to hang well Aerial Yoga Hammock, Swing Chair, Punching Bag, Gymnastic Rings, TRX Straps, Resistance Bands...

* High Quality, 5 Years Warranty: We pay great attention to product quality, with strict control from production to release. KT Folding Pullup Bars are manufactured semi-auto on modern lines. The welds and painting are made very carefully by programmed robots. Don't worry about low quality products. You will receive right quality product as advertised, which can be used durably for decades. BUY NOW while goods are in stock.


- Basically, KT Folding Pull Up Bar Freestanding Model KT1.1520 resembles model KT1.1518, but it is designed higher, stronger and heavier (we use the bigger and thicker steel pipes in production)

- Outdoor and indoor workout device

- Supports pull-ups, chin-ups and many other movements (from easy to hard level)

- Tough steel frame for solid support; no-slip rubber pads at the bottom of legs

- Freestanding design fits easily in home workout area

- Safe, stable and easy to use

- Height and spread range is adjustable (more than 40 levels)

- Higher than your arm reach with max height about 100.4 inches (255cm)

- Max load capacity: 771.6 pounds (350kgs)

- Material: High strength Alloy Steel, Powder Coating

- Handle-bar width: 35.4 inches (90cm)

- Handle-bar diameter: 1.2 inches (32mm)

- Total shipping weight (gross weight): 63.9 pounds (29kgs)

- Packed in 02 durable carton boxes, outer box dimensions: 61.81 x 7.87 x 7.87 inches (157cm x 20cm x 20cm). Assembly required. Can be put in some types of cars (in the back seat) – easily transported by motorcycle

- Folded quickly after workout in about 08 seconds

- Footprint: 44 inches x 48 inches x spread range (112cm x 122cm x spread range). The spread range can be adjusted by 02 distance-setting-bars

- Manufacturer’s warranty: 05 years

- Color: Black

- If it is kept in good condition (mainly used indoor, avoid rain, shine, or snow), this model can be used for a period of at least 100 years (in theory).