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Pull up bar exercises: The crystals Challenge

The Kt  Free standing Pull up bar Pull up bar not only is a medical equipment. It does not only relieves you from your sciatic pain and disc herniation but also is a fully functional sporty instrument.  This item completely can be used by sports men and other athletes for their daily routine exercise.

There are quite as many different challenges in which people involves pull-ups. Some people check their limits in a dead hang. Some of them check their resistance in the terms of the number of pull ups that can be done by a single person in a single stint.

Here is a video in which a person who says that he is master of pull ups and has made love with a pull-up bar. According to him, the Kt pull up bar is his home gym as he can work out his biceps, triceps shoulder and back muscles just by using a Kt folding pull up bar.

The person has competed in the various pull-up challenges previously as he had completed many challenges and not only defeated other competent but have made new records.

Now in this video is in the pursuit of the crystals challenge.  He is doing this video as he was challenged by his British competitor. SO now in this article here, we not only be witnessing his new record-setting stint but also get to know that how to do this crystal pull up.

This is the most difficult pull up you will ever see any one do. This is actually a series of exercises in a single pull up routine.  In this exercise first ou have to do three repetitions of pull ups. Then using your upper body strength make sure that your feet touch the bar. And this not only on the middle but also on each side of the pull-up bar. This is as hard as it gets and needs an extreme upper body and strength and arm strength, look how he has managed to perform it.

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