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We are looking for the resellers (distributors/dealers/agents) in any country around the world.

Why do we need you?

– Our products are heavy goods, shipping cost for 01 set BY AIRWAY is VERY HIGH that make the total price to be very expensive. Thus, although many people in your country want to buy them, but they are afraid of the goods price. If you are distributors/resellers, every time you make a purchase in bulk, the shipping costs will be reduced significantly. Moreover, you will receive a MANUFACTURING PRICE (WHOLESALE PRICE), so the total costs of the products will go down a lot. Thence the retail prices also reduce, make the purchasing power increase.

– You understand the income, shopping and training habits, housing characteristics … of the people in your region/country so much better than us. Therefore, you know how to set retail prices, advertise … in accordance with their needs for better sales

– You know the good advertising channels to reach potential customers better than us. For example, you can post in the e-commerce markets, classified ads websites in your country … , we can not. You can advertise on websites that have lots of access with low-cost, or advertise on facebook. Thus, your advertisement in your country is not only more effective but also less costly than our a lot

– We have some big problems: those are the barriers of language, habits and time (time zone difference) between us and the potential customers in your country, but you do not. Therefore, you can take care of the customers better than us, thereby increasing the chances of a sale.

– Potential customers may not believe in the cross-border purchases or warranty policies of the companies in other countries to make payment daringly. But they can trust the seller in their country, it’s you.

Why can you partner with us?

– Potential market to sell our products is very large. Because although the products are simple, but they have 3 great uses: spine protection (prevention and treatment of disc herniation, bulging disc, spinal degeneration, sciatica), increasing height for teenagers and fitness purpose. All ages and all genders can use. Thus, potential customers are extremely open.

– Our products have high quality and many convenient features for consumers: solid and stable, can adjust the height of the handle bar, can be moved and placed anywhere (portable) and can be folded. Those are smart products and we believe that many consumers are interested in them

– We are a leading and reputable company in Vietnam. We always care about the benefits of the Customers and Partners like our benefits. We usually keep in mind: “The satisfaction of all customers and partners is our development.” We trust that one company has the faithfulness, is dedicated, enthusiastic and thoughtful to customers and partners will surely succeed. Do you believe in that? If you say “yes”, and also think like us, please cooperate with us.

Irrespective of which country you are in. Invested capital at first is only $ 1.000 (minimum). If you:

+ like business

+ want to find intelligent, convenient, useful and good quality products to sell to make money

+ realize the potential consumption of our products at your local or your country

+ are dynamic and know how to use online marketing tools, or have retail experience

Do not wait anymore!!! Please contact immediately with us at email: or We will offer the good wholesale prices for you. We believe that the wisdom action will bring you great success beyond your expectation.

We are very pleased to cooperate with you!!

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