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Why you should choose KT folding pull up bar to treat spinal problems?


It’s a type of product that is designed and produced by Khanh Trinh Production Trading Service company limited in VietNam – a subsidiary of the industry leading KT Group and specializes in the manufacture and distribution of high quality home fitness equipment designed for durability and ease of use. The design is a self-standing steel frame, can be folded, with A-shape when viewed one side (see image below for product identification).

The products are made in VietNam according to ISO 9001: 2015 quality control procedures and certified “HIGH QUALITY VIETNAMESE GOODS IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE STANDARDS”, currently exported to many markets such as USA, EU, Japan, Korea, Australia…

kt-folding free standing pull up bar


point In spinal problems treatment (such as sciatica, herniated disc, bulging disc, degenerative spine…treatment) KT folding free standing pull up bar has great effects due to 07 following advantages:

1.small-icon ADJUST EASILY THE HEIGHT OF THE HANDLE-BAR to suit the height of the user

So you can choose the most comfortable and safest height of handle-bar for yourself (you can stretch whole body without bending your legs or jumping up too high or climbing up a chair to reach the bar)

KT folding free standing pull up bar’s height doesn’t depend on the door frame size

With this feature, KT pull up bar can be used by anyone in your family. Example: In your family, if father/mother has sciatica/herniated disc(s), can adjust the handle-bar to a reasonable height for him/her to “dead hang”. The child (13 years old) is 5’57 (170cm) tall and he wants to exercise with pull up bar to grow taller can adjust the handle-bar to the height 7’54 (230cm) to jump up.

The KT pull up bar is very good at preventing disc herniation. Therefore, if you are a person with herniated disc (s), please advise people who are healthy to hang on KT pull up bar daily to protect their spine – especially your relatives or your friends.

good for sciatica treatment

2.small-icon ABSOLUTE SAFETY: Very stable and sturdy. Never drop down or collapse. 

For normal people (agile and healthy), if they are exercising will a pull up bar and if the bar drops suddenly, this may make bad consequences. But usually they will react promptly and they can stand on their feet so nothing bad will happen.

However, if that is a person with herniated disc(s) or other spinal problems such as spinal degeneration, disc degeneration, bulging disc, etc. – even if he can stand on his feet promptly – It is also a bad situation that can leave bad consequences on the back. Because of the sudden landing when hanging on the pull up bar is the dark side for any patient with herniated disc(s)/spinal problems

The spinal column will be shaken, the vertebrae press hard on the discs which are Herniated Disc or nearing hernia make them worse: the the annulus fibrosus of disc may be torn larger, the nucleus pulposus may leak out more to pinch the nerves make pain increase. The discs are degenerated / bulged may become herniated causing “multiple hernias”. Risk of Spinal distortion, swelling and inflammation due to spinal injury, nerve compression causing pain, disabled … is very high

Even if he hangs on the bar not high, his feet are only about 5-6 cm from the ground, but the sudden landing when the bar drops down is different from the active landing in normal condition because the user is completely passive. Spinal injury is very unavoidable, making spinal problems worse.


some types of doorway pull up bar are not safe

Therefore, for the production and supply of the pull up bar to help users treat spinal problems at home, the SAFETY factor of the PULL UP BAR must be top priority. Understanding that, Khanh Trinh Company has carefully designed and strictly controlled the production + distribution procedure in accordance with ISO standard to produce the free standing pull up bar of absolute safety and high quality, not only serves the needs of Vietnamese customers but also exports to the world.

Unfortunately, there are many types of pull up bar is not safe enough to hang body for treatment of spinal problems but the online stores are still selling in the market rampantly. They advertise very well, rightly match the psychology of loving cheap price and convenience of the majority of consumers- make the buyers DO NOT KNOW or KNOW BUT DISREGARD THE SAFETY FACTOR to “take” those products to the home. Then, when the buyers realize “spend money to get the danger”, they only blame themselves foolish

According to our objective assessment, the least safe pull up bar in the market today is the doorway pull up bars made in China. Their prices are very cheap, only about $5 – $30 per unit, and the common problem of these products is “the bar drops down suddenly when exercising”.

3.small-icon Unlike traditional pull up bars and doorway pull up bar, KT free standing pull up bars (chin up bars) ARE NOT REQUIRED WALL DRILLING OR GROUND DIGGING for setting up. Instead, KT products have the portable design and CAN BE PLACED “FREE STANDING” ON THE GROUND.

You are suffering from sciatica, herniated disc (s), degenerate discs…and you still have to go to work every day. You have the need to stretch the spine for treatment at the office by hanging on the pull up bar. But there is no bar at the office. Or there is the pull up bar but it is too high or too low for you. At work, you are not allowed to drill the door, drill the wall, dig the floor! Which solution for you? Use the KT folding free standing pull up bar. SAFE, CONVENIENT AND PORTABLE

It’s easy to carry and move the bars to wherever it is convenient for you to exercise.

If you have been hesitating to exercise due to your busy schedule or having to go really far to get to the gym, let’s place our products right next to your working place or places that you go to frequently, you will reduce hesitation

4.small-icon Reasonable sizes of footprint. CAN BE FOLDED IN 08 SECONDS after exercise to save the space.

The footprint of KT folding free standing pull up bar is 44 inches x 48 inches x spread range (112cm x 122cm x spread range. The spread range can be adjusted by the distance setting bar). This is not too large compared to the sizes of a normal room, but is reasonable footprint.

So you can put KT pull up bar in the bed room. After exercise, sciatica patient can lie down and relax immediately in order to maintain the status of spine stretching to increase treatment effectiveness (don’t have to go far from pull up bar place after doing exercises)

free standing pull up bar workouts kt1.1518

The footprint of KT folding free standing is reasonable

fold kt pull up bar

KT folding free standing pull up bars can be folded in 08 seconds


Although when you see the price of KT folding free standing pull up bars – the cheapest model for adults – is $289 – you may think they are very expensive when compared to other types of pull up bar. But if consider their QUALITY and SAFETY, along with the value of use that they bring to your life, you will find they are NOT EXPENSIVE at all.

Always have to remember “You get what you pay for” when shopping. Be careful with the “cheap price attractiveness” of the cheap pull up bars. Because although their price are only $5-$30, but if they drop down when you are exercising, the money you must spend to overcome the bad consequences will be VERY VERY MUCH, even several times (even hundreds of times) the price of the KT folding free standing pull up bar.

Buy KT pull up bar is actually “invest once for a lifetime”. In the long term, stretch the spine with KT pull up bar is very much cheaper than sciatica treatment by other methods. For example: The price of Model KT1.1518 is USD289.00/ 1 unit. If it is well preserved (mainly used indoor, not in the rain and snow), the estimated durability of the product is about 100 years. Therefore, each day you just only spend: USD 289.00 / (100 years x 365 days) = USD 0.007/ 1 day. TOO CHEAP. It’s even cheaper than making a phone call in a few seconds

6.small-icon NO SIDE EFFECTS as medicine

7.small-icon ACTIVE IN EXERCISE TIME: No matter it is winter, summer or late night… Not afraid of the scorching sun, heavy rain, cold snow…

Note: Don’t do exercises with pull up bar (horizontal bar) in case you suffer from lumbar ligaments stretching

point Customers talk about the effectiveness of the KT folding free standing in the treatment of spinal problems (sciatica, herniated disc (s), degenerative disc (s)..)

KT folding pull up bar is the high quality product, which conform to standards and is trusted to use in spinal hospitals and clinics. Below is the video filmed at Musculoskeletal Department in Bach Mai Hospital – the biggest Hospital in Ha Noi Capital, Viet Nam:

(In order to watch the video, please use Firefox or Chrome browsers.)

compare to china doorway pull up bar

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