Headquartered in HaNoi, VietNam, serving the fitness needs of men and women around the world, Khanh Trinh Joint Stock Company focuses on quality products, competitive prices and friendly service with every purchase. A quality multifunctional folding pull up bar Stand will help you stronger and healthier, increase height for kids, protect your spine, prevent and treat back pain, and support you hang any thing. As one of industry’s most reputable suppliers of home fitness equipment, we have been carrying out our mission to provide high quality and intelligent products to help people healthy, happy and more youthful looking.

About this website

Welcome to https://khanhtrinhvn.com, the official and exclusive portal for Khanh Trinh Joint Stock Company’s innovative KT Folding Pull Up Bar. When you browse our website, you’re not just viewing a product; you’re witnessing a legacy of innovation, trust, and unparalleled commitment to quality.

Behind every KT Folding Pull Up Bar lies the vision of Mr. Khanh Trinh, our founder and CEO. A product of his passion and dedication, the KT Folding Pull Up Bar Stand epitomizes design brilliance combined with practical utility. Proudly bearing the prestigious “KT Khanh Trinh” brand name, this pull-up bar is secured by exclusive patents in the United States and several other nations worldwide, cementing its place as a trailblazer in its niche.

Our company footprint is vast. While khanhtrinhvn.com caters mainly to our US clientele, we have maintained a dedicated presence for our UK and EU customers at pullupbarkt.com and for our Japanese audience at jp.khanhtrinhvn.com. Each platform mirrors our overarching commitment to direct manufacturing and strict quality control, ensuring that when you invest in our product, you are investing in authenticity.

Speaking of authenticity, let us address a critical aspect of online shopping: trust. We are the sole manufacturer and seller of the KT Folding Pull Up Bar on Amazon.com. If you were to search for our product on the platform, you wouldn’t find another vendor offering anything even remotely similar. This exclusivity isn’t by accident but by design. Our Intellectual Property Rights have fortified us against unauthorized and counterfeit duplications. 

On Amazon.com, we have openly referenced this website in response to user queries, further corroborating its authenticity. For your own peace of mind, you can validate this by following this link: https://www.amazon.com/ask/questions/asin/B07H25C9XR/4/, and arranging the responses by: Most recent. You will find our response dated March 26, 2021, in which we unequivocally assert that khanhtrinhvn.com is the certified website of the respected manufacturer KHANH TRINH.

As the KHANH TRINH JOINT STOCK COMPANY, owners of the “KT Khanh Trinh” brand and the original design of the “KT folding pull up bar” products, we wish to remind you that our sole official website for the US market is https://khanhtrinhvn.com. We encourage you to take note of this in order to avoid purchasing counterfeit products on other platforms, or falling prey to fake websites that do not deliver goods post-checkout.

Various manufacturers, primarily from China, have been replicating our products and distributing them across different channels. They do not abide by our original design, resulting in substandard products, with no guaranteed specifications or materials, posing potential safety risks and durability issues. We’ve received several warranty claims for these counterfeit products, which, unfortunately, we cannot honour. The Khanh Trinh Joint Stock Company cannot take responsibility for counterfeit goods purchased from other websites.

If you have any doubts regarding the authenticity of our products on another website, please contact us immediately. We remain steadfast in our commitment to combat counterfeit goods in order to uphold consumer rights and preserve the reputation of the KT KHANH TRINH brand.

In conclusion, your trust is paramount to us. When you choose to purchase from khanhtrinhvn.com, you’re not only buying a product but also becoming a part of a global family that values authenticity, quality, and innovation. At Khanh Trinh Joint Stock Company, we don’t just sell pull-up bars; we sell an experience. Dive in, and let us redefine fitness for you!


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My Story

Khanh Trinh (Founder & CEO)

Khanh trinh

The KT folding pull up bar Stand Frame is my brainchild !
In 1999, i started “pull-up” exercise at 15 years old on a horizontal tree branch in my family’s garden to improve my height. Thanks to hard practicing for many years, i gained more 14cm. Daily “pull-up” exercise not only helped me increase height faster, but also helped me stronger, have a “six-pack” muscular body and relieve back pain due to sitting too much (when i was a bank’s employee since 2006)

After a storm unexpectedly broke my natural workout equipment and disrupted my daily workout routine, I went to work building its replacement, using my mechanical and design skills, along with knowledge of general physics. I want a self-designed product that has the characteristics that I need. The KT folding pull up bar stand frame (1st version) was born. Understanding the benefits of pull-up exercise, realizing that people living in city are hard to have a really good pull up bar stand for workouts, i decided to bring my newly designed product to market. In 2010, i built a website and sold the KT folding pull up bar stand frame online in VietNam. In 2013, when i was 29, the product had become so popular in VietNam that i quit my bank job to focus on my own business. I set up my own company, and continued to improve product by many newer versions. In a short time, Khanh Trinh become the leading brand of pull up bar stand free standing in Vietnam

In 2017, i decided to export products abroad. My products have been loved by international customers because they meet their needs for quality multifunctional home workout equipments

Up to now, my products came to customers in more than 50 countries and I am still doing my best to develop the KT Khanh Trinh Brand internationally. Everything’s just the beginning! I’m continuing to realize my dreams