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Answer: a) The similarities: 

They all have GREAT FEATURES of KT multipurpose folding stand frame

b) The differences:

+ Firstly, the most obvious difference is the way to adjust the handle-bar height. KT One-tiered folding stand frame has only 01 handle-bar, so you can adjust its height for taller user and shorter user as image below:

height adjustment

KT Double-tiered folding stand frame Model KT1.HT has 02 handle-bar, so you don’t need to adjust the upper handle-bar height when shorter users (such as kids, women, old people) want to workout. Just simply adjust the height of lower handle-bar by mounting it to the legs of frame at appropriate height level as image below:

adjusting height HT

+ Secondly, KT One-tiered folding stand frame can be folded in 10 seconds, but it takes more time to fold KT Double-tiered folding stand frame (about 35-40 seconds). Because you have to remove not only 02 lower distance-setting-bars but also the upper distance-setting-bars (which support the lower handle-bar) to fold the KT double-tiered stand frame

We have a “product comparison chart” on our homepage, just above the section titled “WHAT MAKES THE KT PULL UP BAR LOVED BY USERS ?”. For more detailed information, you can refer to it.

While the structure of Models KT1.1520 and KT1.1518 is the same, the main differences lie in their maximum load capacity and maximum height, primarily due to the larger and thicker steel tubes in Model KT1.1520.

+ Model KT1.1520 is significantly heavier. The weight of Model KT1.1518 is 35.27 LBs (16kgs), whereas Model KT1.1520 weighs in at 63.93 LBs (29kgs).

+ The maximum load capacity of Model KT1.1518 is 440.9 LBs (200kgs), while that of Model KT1.1520 is 771.6 LBs (350kgs). This means that Model KT1.1518 can withstand a short-term maximum weight of 440.9 LBs, including the user’s movements, without bending, breaking, or collapsing. However, in the long run, if users weighing over 220.46 LBs (100kgs) consistently use Model KT1.1518, it may cause the handle-bar to bend.

+ The maximum height by design for Model KT1.1518 is 89.37 inches (227cm), whereas for Model KT1.1520 it is 101.57 inches (258cm).

+ For Pull up bar exercise, Model KT1.1518 is suitable for users who are less than 5.9ft (180cm) tall and weigh under 220.46 LBs (100kgs). If you are taller than 5.9ft or weigh between 220.46 LBs and 440.9 LBs, we recommend using Model KT1.1520.

Rest assured, you can install the product effectively by following the provided installation instructions (a paper copy included in the box) or by watching our tutorial video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT7TMXduIdo.

Each KT folding stand frame set comprises different types of bars, each with a unique shape. You just need to carefully match the shape of each bar from the image in the installation instructions with the actual bars. Following these steps will guarantee a successful installation.

If you encounter any difficulties during the installation, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We strive to provide support as promptly as possible.

We provide a 5-year warranty for all models of our KT folding stand frame. Should there be any technical issue with any part of the product, we’ll send you a replacement at no charge. We bear all shipping costs associated with sending replacements. This is a testament to our company’s commitment to reliability.

Warranty Policy:

1. Any component of the product that becomes defective or is damaged due to manufacturing during the warranty period will be replaced free of charge.

2. We disclaim responsibility or will charge a fee in the following cases:

– Rust on parts of the product due to long-term exposure to weather elements such as rain, sunshine, or snow.

– Paint peeling.

– The foam grip may tear during use. If it’s torn upon receipt due to a manufacturing defect, it will be replaced free of charge. However, we do not warranty it if it tears during your use, as foam is not a highly durable material.

– Broken or lost bolts or screw nuts.

– Bent tube(s) due to overload or product misuse.

– Deformation of the product due to external factors.

– The product has been altered or repaired without Khanh Trinh Company’s consent.

– Warranty registration was not completed.

– Incorrect warranty registration information.

Answer: You can perform these actions after do some necessary protection methods (for safety) such as: put heavy things on the legs of KT folding stand frame (example, 4 sand bags, total weight each side is heavier than your body weight), ask 2 people to hold the legs, or drill and screw the legs to the ground… Because KT folding stand frames are placed on the floor without being fixed to the ground, and have lightweight structure (for easy moving, folding) so if you don’t do the protection methods but still perform these actions, it may be dangerous for you (the legs can be lifted off the ground and the KT folding stand frame may topple over).

Normally, you should only swing/fly in the area formed by 4 legs of the KT folding stand frame


Answer: You can place it anywhere you want. But you should keep it indoor to avoid rain and snow for long-term use. Because it’s made from Alloy Steel (main component is iron (FE)) , not from stainless steel (inox). All tubes are coated (Powder Coating) outside, not inside. If rain water or snow enters inside of tubes via holes, it will make the tubes rusted inside. Product will be damaged rapidly from the inside

We always try to process an order as soon as possible – usually within two days. Transit time is usually 2 to 8 days depending on the distance from our warehouses to your address
During peak seasons or when there is a shortage of products in stock (due to congestion at the destination port), order processing time will be longer. And we will inform you of the specific situation.
In some cases we need additional confirmation from your side to process your order. Then order processing time will also be longer

Please check this article for detailed information

About 15-30 minutes if you follow our installation instruction step-by-step. All accessories (bolts, nuts, rubber pads…) are included in the box.

If you’re in the US, we will ship products from the warehouses of Amazon or other fulfillment companies. If you’re in other countries, we ship from our factory in VietNam or nearest warehouses. Contact us if you need more information

Yes, you can buy with confidence. We offer 30 day satisfaction guarantee from the date you receive product(s)

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