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Choosing the Right Pull Ups Bar for Home Fitness

Have you noticed since the days of COVID-19, people have become more curious about home fitness? Don’t take my word for it; see the trends chart below. It clearly shows that after the start of the pandemic – in March 2020, the trend was at its peak. The reason behind it was apparent: lockdown in […]

What exercises make you grow taller

exercises to grow taller

Importance and benefits of height A good height is often associated with physical attractiveness. Most people find tall people physically attractive and do exercises make you grow taller, an essential feature of an individual’s personality. Height is also associated with social status and can impact how others perceive your power and authority. Being taller can […]

How to Choose the Right Adjustable Pull Up Bar-Khanh Trinh

Adjustable Pull Up Bar

Adjustable Pull Up Bar are an excellent way to build upper body strength and muscle mass when it comes to working out. An adjustable pull-up bar is one of the most effective ways to perform this exercise. An adjustable pull-up bar is a versatile piece of equipment that can be adjusted to fit different doorways and […]