What Is So Special About KT Pull Up Bar?

KT pull up bar

KT pull up bar comes in different types and offers affordable rates. Now you can carry out the pull-ups and hang your punching bag on the same stand.

People seldom find a thing online that can be used for various purposes. But, when it happens, they buy it the first chance they get. Admit it, and you also love getting your hands on anything with more than one purpose, since it saves money. We had this in mind when we started KT pull up bar manufacturing. Below are all the reasons mentioned for you to choose our pull-up bars for exercising.

  • It Is Portable
  • It Can Be Transformed Into A Yoga Stand
  • It Has Various Types
  • It Is Gender Neutral
  • It Takes Up A Minimum Of Space
  • It Is Made Of High-Quality Material
  • It Can Be Used As A Stand for a Punching Bag
  • It Can Be A Tent For The Children

It Is Portable KT Pull Up Bar

Khanh Trinh pull up bar is portable, so if the sun is shining and you need some melatonin while exercising, you can easily carry it to the garden.

Not only that, if you have to leave for vacation and worry yo.

u will stop exercising, don’t worry anymore because it can be accommodated in any car, and you can do your pull-ups even on holidays.

KT Pull Up Bar Can Be Transformed Into A Yoga Stand

freestanding pull up bar can be transformed into a Yoga stand when you aren’t working out. If someone loves to do yoga, you can split the money with them, and thus, you can get the pull-up bar at a better rate.

However, keep in mind that you must decide on the times to use it. Not doing so can lead to a fight.

yoga stand

KT Pull Up Bar Has Various Types

KT pull up bar comes in three major types because we know people have different weights and body sizes. These three types are:

  • For Normal Users
  • For Bulky Users
  • For Ariel Users

KT pull up bar

For Normal Users

If you are less than 180cm in height and bear a weight of around 90 KGs or more but no more than 100, this type is for you. The overall weight of our product is about 35.27 lbs. With shipping, it can go up to 39.68 lbs.

For Bulky Users

Our KT pull up bar for bulky users fits perfectly for customers weighing less than 440.9 lbs. and having a height of around 200 cm. And again, it is not specified for the males only. If you belong to any gender and have both these requirements, you can get this bar stand.

The stand can be folded in ten seconds. It bears a maximum capacity of 771.6 lbs. when a strong user is working out while its height goes up to 258 cm so that you can work out efficiently.

The total weight of this product is around 63.93 lbs.; after shipping, it goes up to 68.34 lbs.

For Ariel Users

This Yoga stand is for you if you are no more than 200cm in height with less than 220 lbs. The height goes up to 260 cm with a maximum load capacity of 440.9 lbs.

The product weighs about 46.29 LBs, and after shipping, it goes to 51.81 lbs.

It Is Gender Neutral

Our KT pull up bar is gender-neutral, which is the best thing about it. It is made for every type of gender because we believe everyone is capable of pull-ups no matter what their bust size is. All you need is to look at the different types and then decide which one you want.

It Takes Up A Minimum Of Space

KT pull up bar takes minimum space, so if you think you cannot keep a pull-up bar in the home, don’t worry. You can adjust the width of the stand as per your wishes, and the best thing about our pull-up bar is that you can carry it effortlessly. However, if you are a minor, we suggest you take the help of someone older at home.

stretches to make you taller

It Is Made Of High-Quality Material

Our free standing bar is very sturdy that it won’t let you fall on the ground while you are exercising. We know that our backs are the most crucial body part; therefore, we have used nothing but high-quality materials in its manufacturing.

People falling from the bar can severely hurt their backs which sometimes end up in significant surgeries or life problems.

Keeping in mind all sorts of body structures and the safety of your spines, we have created the KT pull up bar. You won’t leave without giving us a five star rating after your purchase.

It Can Be Used As A KT Pull Up Bar Stand For A Punching Bag

Our pull-up bar is used to carry out exercises to grow taller and transforms itself into a punching bag stand. If you have the bag but are still looking for a stand, look no further than our pull-up bar. The reason is that you can use it for two purposes; to carry out exercises and as a punching bag stand.

punching bag stand with pull up bar

It Can Be A Tent For The Children

KT pull up bar offers a unique side that not every pull-up bar can provide. Our stand can be transformed into a tent for children when you are not using it. So, surprise the children at home with this beautiful present, and we are sure they’d kiss you on the cheek.

Khanh Trinh pull up bar

Why You Must Buy KT Pull Up Bar?

KT pull up bar offers a variety of benefits, and on top of them, it is very affordable. Our customers have given us good reviews because we know our priority is always to make you happy.

Our goal is not to make money but to provide customers with the best thing possible. Therefore, we at Khanh Trinh try our best to top up our quality.


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